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One of the most influential physicists of our time, Lisa Randall’s research has helped shed light on dark matter, supersymmetry and expanding our knowledge of the Standard Model of physics. Her new theoretical work proposes multiple “brane” dimensions to account for the “fine-tuning” needed to harmonize quantum mechanics and the Standard Model

How many ‘Hidden Figures’ does it take to make a ‘Theory of Everything?’: (Harvard physicist Lisa Randall says biases are holding back discovery)

Joey Weslo, General Assignment Reporter April 9, 2020
When the fourth subsequent question from the audience was asked by another male, theoretical physicist Lisa Randall leaned into the microphone and paused. She then called on girls in the audience to not be afraid to come forward and speak. Randall, a leading figure in both particle physics and cosmology, gave a presentation in an event hosted by the College of DuPage’s physics department on March 1 on how biases in perspective prevent us from asking the truly important questions regarding life and the universe.
As the Trump administration threatens to deploy elite Border Patrol tactical units to help ICE increase arrests and deportations in sanctuaries, people are increasingly questioning whether ICE actually keeps communities safe or just tears them apart (graphic by: Jessica Tapia)

Immigration advocates: If ICE is coming for you, then we’re coming for ICE

Joey Weslo, General Assignment Reporter March 12, 2020
While supporters believe ICE keeps our communities safe from dangerous, criminal immigrants, those affected see ICE as a terrorizing group using fear and intimidation to separate families and divide communities. The Trump administration threatened to deploy elite Border Patrol tactical units to help ICE increase arrests and deportations in sanctuary jurisdictions. The administration views sanctuary protection as contrary to federal immigration law.   
If the students’ goal is to remove the hate group from campus, why do they keep playing into the hate group’s hands? (graphic by: Jessica Tapia)

Hey students! You’re the reason the homophobes keep coming back!

Joey Weslo, General Assignment Reporter March 5, 2020
While the members of the hate group may wish to pray away the gay, they pray even more for publicity. Students, while well-intentioned in protesting the hate group, are complicit in granting the hate group publicity.
As politicians battle over the adoption of the Equal Rights Amendment, what lessons can we learn from the women who fought for their right to vote 100-years ago and wrote the ERA? (graphic by Jessica Tapia)

Have we forgotten what the Equal Rights Amendment truly means?

Joey Weslo, General Assignment Reporter February 28, 2020
With looming political battles and lawsuits over whether the ERA can become law decades after the amendment’s ratification deadline, why have we forgotten the courageous women who launched America’s suffragette movement? As the struggle for equality continues, what inspiration can be gained from the fight to pass the 19th Amendment and the pioneers who first demanded adoption of the ERA?   
Will history judge President Trump’s impeachment trial as an indictment on his record and the surge of American populism, or as precedent further normalizing the political dominance of the executive branch and divisive partisanship? (graphic by Jessica Tapia)

Does Trump’s impeachment trial set a dangerous precedent for our nation’s future?

Joey Weslo, General Assignment Reporter February 21, 2020
In the wake of the historic proceedings, how will history judge Trump’s impeachment and short, 15-day Senate trial acquittal? What precedents does this set for the future of our representative democracy? And if judged by history to have been a partisan sham and miscarriage of justice, can we ever restore balance and trust to the political institutions enshrined by our nation’s founders?

What’s preventing a coronavirus outbreak from happening here? (How Health Department officials are preapared to fight the deadly outbreak)

Joey Weslo, General Assignment Reporter February 14, 2020
As news outlets frenzy over the mounting death toll, the World Health Organization declared a global health emergency over the outbreak of a novel (new) coronavirus originating from Wuhan, China, which in a few weeks has infected over 63,000 and killed over 1,300 people in China alone.
Demonstrators in Chicago wear blindfolds to protest societys blindness to violence against women and to remember the women who have been silenced by femicide (photo by Gabriela Hernandez Chico)

Protesters ask ‘How many more women need to be murdered before we demand change?’

Joey Weslo, General Assignment Reporter December 11, 2019
According to the United Nations, more than 87,000 women and girls were murdered around the world in 2017 in acts of gender-violence, or femicide. Fifty-eight percent were killed by someone close to them. On average, 136 women are killed by a partner or family member every day.
Artist and Mexican folklorist Jade Nava demonstrates establishing Mexican identity through ancestral folk stories. Artists gathered at the Burning Bush art gallery in Wheaton, in an event hosted by Immigrant Solidarity DuPage, to discuss the influences of Frida Kahlo on their art and the enduring relevance of her revolutionary political spirit (photo by Gabriela Hernandez Chico)

What would Frida do? (Don’t misunderstand her political message)

Joey Weslo, General Assignment Reporter November 29, 2019
The irony of the COD Board of Trustee’s decision to host Frida’s radical works cannot be lost on the spectator. Will students misunderstand the true meaning of Frida’s works?
Dr. William Hartsell medical director of Northwestern Medicine Chicago Proton Center in Warrenville planning treatment to use protons to break down a patient’s tumor (photo provided by Northwestern Medicine)

Is proton beam therapy the future for cancer treatment?

Joey Weslo, General Assignment Reporter November 21, 2019

Tiny, colorful handprints decorate a patient room wall at Northwestern Medicine Chicago Proton Center in Warrenville. Each one signed by a child whose life was saved through proton beam cancer therapy. “When...

Physicist Damon Bice works on a quantum dilution refrigerator at Fermilab National Laboratory. The lab hopes their research inspires the evolving quantum computing industry (photo provided by Fermilab)

Will quantum computers revolutionize the world?

Joey Weslo, General Assignment Reporter November 14, 2019

If you threw an encyclopedia to be devoured by a black hole, could you ever retrieve its information back again? Even with today’s most powerful supercomputers, there are limitations to the complexity...

Elected official Bushra Amiwala speaks before the College of DuPage in an event hosted by the schools Girl Up club on empowering women in politics (photo by Kate Zadell)

Women in Politics are Not Just Labels: (Bushra Amiwala discusses being a female Muslim elected official)

Joey Weslo, General Assignment Reporter November 7, 2019

After releasing a video explaining why she turned down corporate money to aid her election hopes for the Cook County Board, then 19-year-old Bushra Amiwala was surprised to receive messages saying, “I...

High school tutors of Dialekt, a non-profit, help immigrant learners with math and reading comprehension skills necessary for adjusting to new jobs in America (photo by Brian Schatteman)

Educating immigrants is an investment, not charity

Joey Weslo, General Assignment Reporter October 30, 2019
For refugees like Anju Bhujel, few businesses offer the training necessary to help immigrants acclimate to a job appropriate for their occupational skill set. Sophia Pribus, a senior at the IMSA in Aurora, founded Dialekt, a non-profit organization providing tutoring services to help immigrants escape low-income jobs and achieve long-term success.
College of DuPage Professor of Chemistry Richard Jarman (photo by: Kate Zadell)

Got what it takes to win a Nobel Prize? (why lithium-ion’s award should inspire you)

Joey Weslo, General Assignment Reporter October 16, 2019
Nobody had the slightest inkling what lithium-ion would become. It’s exciting to realize one might have had a tiny contribution with something that changed the world.”      
The documentary “Beyond Borders: Undocumented Mexican-Americans” shown at the College of DuPage as part of Hispanic Heritage Month, features the tragic stories of those torn apart from loved ones due to immigration policy (graphic by Jessica Tapia)

Love separated by borders

Joey Weslo, General Assignment Reporter October 10, 2019
Whispering “Te amo” and blowing kisses through narrow slits of steel on the Mexican-American border wall, deported immigrant Yolanda Verona extends her pinky through the wire to embrace her children confined on the other side. Verona and her children’s “pinky kiss” is featured in the documentary “Beyond Borders: Undocumented Mexican-Americans” shown by the College of DuPage’s Living Leadership Program. The film was shown as part of the school’s Hispanic Heritage Month festivities.
College of DuPage’s Girl Up club will host Henna for Mali on Thursday, Oct. 17. All proceeds from giving students henna tattoos will be donated to the Heroic Hearts Organization’s programs for women, children and orphans in Mali, Africa (graphic by Jessica Tapia)

Climate change is a fight for gender equality

Joey Weslo, General Assignment Reporter October 5, 2019
Climate change disproportionately affects the poorest regions already facing limited resources. Women, who are tasked as homemakers, and their children, are especially impacted by destabilizing conflict. The U.N. reported 80% of those displaced by climate change are women.
The Nachusa Grasslands in northwestern Illinois is one of the few remaining examples of the once-dominant tallgrass prairie ecosystem in the state. The Nature Conservancy reintroduced bison, natural grasses and wildflowers to the prairie (photo: Joey Weslo)

While facing unprecedented mass extinctions, Trump proposes weakening Endangered Species Act

Joey Weslo, General Assignment Reporter October 2, 2019
The Trump Administration has proposed changes to the Endangered Species Act (1973) enabling the  consideration of economic costs when deciding which species to provide protection. The proposal also removes blanket protections for newly listed “threatened” species, and allows the government to disregard the possible impacts of climate change when designating critical habitat necessary for recovery efforts.
The College of DuPage Faculty Association and community supporters protest before the Aug. 15 board of trustees  meeting (photo by: Alison Pfaff)

COD President: “Very remote” chance of class cancellations

Joey Weslo, General Assignment Reporter September 12, 2019
COD President Brian Caputo said, while he respects students’ concerns, an improved and positive dialogue between the negotiating teams encourages him the college is a long way from a potential strike.
The increased burning and deforestation of the Amazon represents a global problem. With the rise of populist rhetoric hindering diplomatic solutions, could the flames represent a new reality to a changing international order? (graphic by: Jessica Tapia)

Why is the Amazon rainforest really burning?

Joey Weslo, General Assignment Reporter September 6, 2019
The Amazon rainforest is the lungs of our planet, and those lungs are on fire. Take economic inequality, a disenfranchised people, seething nationalism, distrust of globalization and international diplomacy, and wait for the spark of a populist to light the match.  
Faculty Members protest before a COD board meeting on Aug. 15 (photo by: Alison Pfaff)

Will stalled teacher contract negotiations result in a strike?

Joey Weslo, General Assignment Reporter August 29, 2019
College of DuPage teachers and community supporters stormed the Aug. 15 board of trustees meeting to let members know the impasse in union contract negotiations have them seeing red. With the potential to disrupt Fall semester courses, CODFA has threatened to strike if their demands are not met.
Students of College of DuPages Speech Communication course study nonverbal animal communication like the hoof stomping, tail flicking and eye movement of horses at Galusha Farm in Warrenville (photo by Lindsay Piotter)

Become one with the beasts: Understanding speech through animal communication

Joey Weslo, General Assignment Reporter May 31, 2019
College of DuPage Speech Professor Jude Geiger will immerse students in nonverbal communication techniques between animals and humans. By studying the barriers animals and humans overcome in facilitating dialogue, Geiger’s summer-term Speech 1100 course inspires students to overcome their personal barriers to healthy communication.
Brian Caputo has been selected by the board to become the next president of the College of DuPage

Brian Caputo named next president of College of DuPage

Joey Weslo, General Assignment Reporter May 24, 2019
Following several consecutive years of declining enrollment and projections showing years of budget deficits to come, the College of DuPage Board selected Brian Caputo as the next president to lead the school’s new era after two years of being in danger of losing its accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission. Caputo served as interim president following President Ann Rondeau’s departure in December.
After Northern Illinois 2008 shooting, killing six and injuring 21 people, the school solicited help from licensed counselors to help students cope with symptoms resulting from the senseless trauma. What services should be available to students, friends and family after such tragedies? And in the long-run, what required attention is still needed to make sure the tragedy doesn’t claim any more lives?

The Trauma that Persists: How counseling helps survivors after school shootings

Joey Weslo, General Assignment Reporter May 17, 2019
As College of DuPage mental health counselor Dennis Emano knows, unless properly treated, the trauma experienced by students, friends and family can have lingering and debilitating psychological effects. Emano, also a licensed psychologist, stressed, students who are experiencing symptoms of anxiety and depression must find the courage to seek help.
Brandon Beckwith

Feeling numb to the News? :Overcoming desensitization in the media

Joey Weslo, General Assignment Reporter May 8, 2019
The constant barrage of impersonalized fatality numbers in the media has desensitized viewers from proper anguish and empathy. In the digitally-linked world and the 24-hour news cycle, instantaneous tragedy has turned into a perpetual emotionless, drone.
College of DuPage Interim President Brian Caputo - We will have to keep re-evaluating tuition, but we will always be prepared to fund our student-workers.

How will Illinois’ raised minimum wage affect student-aged workers?

Joey Weslo, General Assignment Reporter May 2, 2019

What is a living wage? Is higher pay for lower-end workers an entitlement or a fundamental right? The College of DuPage pays student workers $8.50/hour and limits them to a 20-hour workweek. Students...

The inclusion of former State Rep. Jeanne Ives has drawn outrage from students and faculty

What does COD gain from Jeanne Ives’ divisive discrimination?

Joey Weslo, General Assignment Reporter April 18, 2019
Many members of the COD community have expressed outrage in Jeanne Ives' inclusion in the search process. They argue, by endorsing Ives’ beliefs, the college has violated its own Non-Discrimination Policy
The Hinsdale Fire Department teaching the community vital life-saving training techniques

How to save a life: DuPage Narcan Program training against opioid overdose

Joey Weslo, General Assignment Reporter April 15, 2019
College of DuPage student Jennifer Kurz believes if the opioid overdose antidote naloxone had been more widely available, countless lives, like her long-time friend’s, could have possibly been saved.  
(SATIRE): Don’t miss College of DuPage’s delicious headlines! – Rondeau’s Guided Pathway - State Rep. Ives lawsuit against school - Art the viewer can taste - Amputations for playing piano - Professor Isla Roka awarded Outstanding Faculty Member


Joey Weslo, General Assignment Reporter April 2, 2019
Don’t miss College of DuPage’s delicious headlines! – Rondeau’s Guided Pathway - State Rep. Ives lawsuit against school - Art the viewer can taste - Amputations for playing piano - Professor Isla Roka awarded Outstanding Faculty Member
With questions surrounding where the gay rights movement desires to go and how it wants to define itself, have the divisions in opinion hindered solidarity and progress?

Have we become too dependent on superficial sexual labels?

Joey Weslo, General Assignment Reporter March 30, 2019

Gray asexual, demi-sexual, agender, bigender, trigender, cisgender, otherkin, heteroromantic, homoromantic, akoisexual, panalterous, polyalterous, quoiromantic, quoisexual. At what point in the alphabet...

A federal investigation uncovered how wealthy parents have bribed their children’s way into prestigious and highly-selective schools, like Georgetown University (pictured). Their illegal practices bring to light the numerous legal maneuverings the wealthy use to ensure back-door entrance into elite institutions, disadvantaging deserving, less-affluent student applicants

Should the college admissions scandal make me angry?

Joey Weslo, General Assignment Reporter March 22, 2019

For my eighteenth birthday, my parents bought me a used acoustic guitar and hiking boots. Bruce Isackson, president of a Californian real estate firm, spent $350,000 to buy his daughter into the University...

Researchers at the Northwestern Center for Genetic Medicine use the gene-editing technology CRISPR to isolate and alter disease-causing mutations in DNA

Do we already have the power to eradicate genetic disease?

Joey Weslo, General Assignment Reporter March 6, 2019

Are the first children of a new generation, free from inheritable and genetic disease, already born? Do we already possess the technology to eradicate muscular dystrophy and cystic fibrosis, edit out...

Did former Trustee Deanne Mazzochi’s decision to hold off her resignation help smoothen the transition process, or did it increase polarization amongst the COD Board?

Why wasn’t public input sought in COD Board of Trustees’ new appointment?

Joey Weslo, General Assignment Reporter March 6, 2019

Secrecy. Sudden and undemocratically lacking public input. That’s how Dan Bailey, candidate for College of DuPage’s Board of Trustees in the April election, characterized the board’s process to...

Former astronaut Mark Kelly speaks at the College of DuPage, bringing audience members on a voyage, explaining how the lessons he’s learned throughout his life have shaped the leader he has become

Astronaut Mark Kelly: The making of an American Senator?

Joey Weslo, General Assignment Reporter February 20, 2019

“It’s an amazing thing to see, this big, round, blue planet in the blackness of space. The first time I saw this, it really hit me: all 7.5 billion of us live on an island in our solar system. We really...

CLASSIFIEDS: A lonely Democrat longing to give my love to the presidential candidate who can steal my heart.... (pictured: Bernie Sanders, Cory Booker, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris)

LONELY HEARTS: Democrat desperately seeking love

Joey Weslo, General Assignment Reporter February 16, 2019

Desperate voter, longing to be satisfied. Republicans fall in line, but Democrats fall in love. O the field is many, but my heart is just one. Which candidate shall sweep me off my feet? Whose progressive...

In 2017, millions protested against President Nicolas Maduro dissolving the opposition-led National Assembly congress to create a puppet congress, the Constituent Assembly. The opposition to his increasingly authoritarian actions signaled support in Hugo Chavez’s 1999 Bolivarian socialist revolution was finally waning

Is American intervention in Venezuela justified?

Joey Weslo, General Assignment Reporter February 7, 2019

NEWS COLUMN: Imperialism is how Americans learn geography. As President Donald Trump prepares a national emergency declaration to appropriate border wall funds, the real migration crisis in the Americas...

Dangling for all to see, the Wall Street Bulls testicles roar out, Damn right my boys can swim. Our capitalistic men thrive on aggression, strength and brutal force. Has competition and the masculine ideal corrupted what it means to be a man?

Challenging the dangers of toxic masculinity

Joey Weslo, General Assignment Reporter January 30, 2019

My penis was chiseled out of marble by the hand of God himself. When I bleed, I don’t cry. I’m no sissy. Women are conquests. Men are threats. There’s power in my stride, intensity in my stare...

The argument goes, those who commit acts of violence should pay for their crimes. However, almost all people on death row are poor. A significant number are mentally disabled. And about 40% of death row inmates are African American

Is there a right end of the noose?

Joey Weslo, General Assignment Reporter January 24, 2019

There is a difference between doing what is easy, and what is right. It is easy to submit to revenge. It is easy to seek out retribution over upholding the ethics of justice. The death penalty is...

In an effort to rebuke President Trumps handling of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggis murder, the Senate has garnered support voting on a measure to end U.S. support for the Saudi-led campaign in the war in Yemen. After 10,000 deaths and 85,000 children under-the-age-of-five starving to death, the question remains, What took so long?

Let the murder of Khashoggi end the war in Yemen

Joey Weslo, General Assignment Reporter December 17, 2018

(12/12/18) “There is not a smoking gun – there is a smoking saw.” No, Senator Graham, there is a smoking bomb – and it’s American made. Three years into the brutal war in Yemen and Congress...

COD Professor Marco Benassi takes his speech students canoing in a forest preserve while studying the techniques and beneifts of Interpersonal Communication. Benassi believes experiential education can break down the traditions of lecture teaching and reach and inspire students on a more personal level

Using experiential education to define your own future

Joey Weslo, General Assignment Reporter December 6, 2018
Are You Asking Yourself The Right Questions?
Ed Yohnka has for 19 years strived to promote the American Civil Liberties Unions mission to protect the individual rights and liberties guaranteed to every person by the law and Constitution of the United States

The ACLU’s frontline battle challenging Trump’s overreach

Joey Weslo, General Assignment Reporter November 22, 2018

The three mighty arms swing in precarious balance. If one becomes too heavy, the others have responsibility to level our democracy and safeguard the constitution. President Donald Trump has signed...

The Elgin Symphony Orchestra performed pieces from Richard Wagners The Ring on Nov. 2. at the Hemmens Cultural Center, Elgin. As part of their Inside The Music With Andrew Grams And The ESO program, Grams broke down the vivid imagery behind Wagners fantastical epic drama based loosely upon ancient Norse sagas

Why college students should listen to classical music

Joey Weslo, General Assignment Reporter November 15, 2018

My grandmother is a resolve to a dominant seventh chord. I only vaguely remember her laugh. But when the subtle strings raise the elegant opening melody of Aaron Copland’s “Our Town Suite,” I once...

Conspiracies derive from our cognitive disposition to see patterns and meaning in a chaotic universe. Also serving as an antidote to our insecurities, they become enhanced by our suspicions of authority

Anatomy of a Conspiracist

Joey Weslo, General Assignment Reporter November 8, 2018

As feds arrested a deranged Trump acolyte for mailing packaged bombs to prominent Democrats and vocal Trump dissidents, pundits like Fox Business’ Lou Dobbs joined the battle to control the public narrative. “Fake...

Bassem Youssef performs his political satire routine before a sold-out theater at College of DuPage on Oct. 19

Egyptian Satirist Bassem Youssef: A Comedian in Political Exile

Joey Weslo, General Assignment Reporter November 1, 2018

Turning his back to the laughter, Egyptian satirist Bassem Youssef stepped into darkness. Positioned behind a solitary table, the stage was dimly lit to mimic the room where former Egyptian President Mohamed...

Salacious lyrics like, I’ve been making a man. With blonde hair and a tan. And he’s good for relieving my....tension,” have helped Rocky Horror endure

The Rocky Horror Picture Show vs. Trump’s America

Joey Weslo, General Assignment Reporter October 24, 2018

“I’m just a sweet transvestite, from Transsexual, Transylvania.” Life is too short to be straight. And in the age of President Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions, life is too long...

Co-presidents Djimon Lewis and Taria Murphy of the Black Student Alliance at College of DuPage

What changes will the Jason Van Dyke murder verdict bring? (“Do the right thing”)

Joey Weslo, General Assignment Reporter October 16, 2018

Poised to riot, poised to protest, the city released a collective breath as the verdict was announced. Former Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke was found guilty of second-degree murder in the Oct....

COD Professor of Physics Alexandra Bennett worked at Fermilab, and Europe’s CERN’s Compact Muon Solenoid, one of the detectors along the Large Hadron Collider

Challenging gender inequality in the world of physics

Joey Weslo, General Assignment Reporter October 11, 2018

“Physics was invented and built by men.” CERN physicist Alessandro Strumia shocked an audience of young female scientists attending a Sept. 28 lecture meant to highlight gender and diversity challenges...

Trump’s isolationist policies contrast UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres’ advocacy for globalism

Trump boasts his isolationist policies before an opposing United Nations

Joey Weslo, General Assignment Reporter October 4, 2018

President Trump, is this the way America’s global dominance ends; not with a bang, not with a whimper, but in laughter? President Donald Trump pontificated before the 73rd session of the United Nations...

Justice Brett Kavanaugh vociferously denies all allegations of sexual assault and misconduct

Kavanaugh’s sexual assault allegation brings #MeToo’s cultural progress into question

Joey Weslo, General Assignment Reporter September 26, 2018

History doesn’t repeat itself, but unfortunately, it rhymes. Twenty-seven years removed from Anita Hill testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Christine Blasey Ford has accused Supreme...

All questions about the probation have been strategically directed to McVey, the one person at the school who seems incapable of providing answers

Athletic Director Greg McVey addresses the 2017-18 athletic probation and the importance of transparency

Joey Weslo, General Assignment Reporter September 12, 2018

When you walk into an interview with the athletic director, and a public relations coordinator is coaching answers from the corner, you come to a sudden realization: President Rondeau’s official policy...

Photo by Evan Anderson: College of DuPage’s storm chasing program pursuing super-cell formations, near Eagle Butte, South Dakota

COD’s Meteorology Department explores the fascinations of weather

Joey Weslo, General Assignment Reporter September 6, 2018

To stand before the darkening clouds, the low rumble of nature’s ferocity, is to feel the immensity of existence raining down upon you. Few moments can ignite wonder, like the strike of lightning reflecting...

A refugee utilizes World Relief DuPage/Aurora’s English as a Second Language (ESL) class to help ease the difficulties of settling into a new culture.

Part II of II: World Relief’s mission to aid refugees (Helping provide refugees and immigrants with a new hope in a new world)

Joey Weslo, General Assignment Reporter September 5, 2018

In times of gross injustice and mass oppression of human rights, the most culpable sin one can be guilty of is silence. Complicity comes not only in the perpetration of heinous acts, but in the surrender...

Photo provided by Marion Friel: Amongst other requirements, a true green burial contains no cement grave-lining and no traditional headstone. Immersed in nature, the burial comes to represent a celebration of the individuality of the deceased.

Are we burying our dead wrong? (Exploring “green” burials as a sustainable alternative)

Joey Weslo, General Assignment Reporter August 30, 2018

I picture myself, staring up, from down inside my satin-lined, stainless steel casket. Eyes sewn shut. Yet somehow, I can still see the silhouettes of those who loved me gathered above my bloodless body....

Protesters march through the streets of Minneapolis, MN, demanding President Trump end his “zero-tolerance immigration policy.” Before Trump eventually reversed his policy, capitulating to political pressure and nationwide-public outrage, over 2,500 immigrant children were separated from their families following Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ policy announcement on April 6. Trump’s policies have also made it harder for refugees to claim asylum once they cross the southern border.

Part I of II: DuPage World Relief’s mission to aid refugees (Discussing President Trump’s “zero-tolerance immigration policy”)

Joey Weslo, Sports Editor August 17, 2018

In times of darkness we turn to figures of light. As I see hysterical children being taken away from their parents, desperate people fleeing violence and persecution only to be deported back to their...

Photo by Alison Pfaff: Eric Michaels (left) (as Paul McCartney) and James Paul Lynch (right) (as George Harrison) of American English. The band uses vintage equipment like Michaels Hofner Beatle bass and Vox amps to get that classic Beatle sound.

Something in the way they sing, attracts me like no other cover: Beatles cover-band American English kicks off the MAC’s Lakeside Pavilion Summer Concert Series

Joey Weslo, Sports Editor July 20, 2018

The word “love” is affectionately used 613 times across the revolutionary canon that makes up The Beatles’ career. This love transcended boundaries, shaking the world unlike any popular movement...

Igniting the political vitriol in Washington, Justice Anthony Kennedy’s unexpected retirement will dramatically alter the landscape of the traditionally less-partisan Supreme Court. An ensuing battle is expected over the unprecedented importance of his replacement.

Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy: The drastic implications of his retirement and imminent replacement by President Trump

Joey Weslo, Sports Editor July 6, 2018

Sending shockwaves throughout the nation, in a decision that could re-define American policy for the next several decades, Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, 81, announced he will retire July 31 after...

Photo by Jennifer Kurz: The Cast of Paramounts Once performs on stage as patrons are served at the stage bar

You can never just walk away: Thematic insight into Paramount’s production of the musical ‘Once’ (How the themes become one with the viewer)

Joey Weslo, Sports Editor June 21, 2018

Shove your fist down your throat. Rip out your aching heart. Place it down, bleating in the tragic light before you. And watch the shadows befall it as you turn your back to forever walk away. Darkness,...

Arnold Palmers (pictured right) death at age 87, represented for many, the end of a golden era

Why celebrity deaths make me cry

Joey Weslo, Sports Editor May 24, 2018

I found myself crying harder than I had in years. Anguish welling in my eyes, an inescapable depression streaming down my face. How could Bowie be gone? Close people in my life, even family members,...

John Funchess races out of the blocks

Outdoor track to compete at nationals

Joey Weslo, Sports Editor May 18, 2018

The Chaparrals Outdoor Track and Field team’s season-long efforts resulted in, 25 NJCAA Division I National Qualifiers, and 9 NJCAA Division I All-Americans. Under head coach Robert Cervenka,...

Joey Weslo (aged 13) fights through hooking defenseman

Nothing to die for (Put my miracles on ice)

Joey Weslo, Sports Editor May 11, 2018

You almost forget to feel the pain. Almost. A dash of silver, a flash of gold. Reverberations, “It could never happen to me,” echo throughout my paling frame. The warmth sizzles as it hits...

Demonstration against Assad regime in Daael, Daraa, Syria.

Humanizing the faces behind the Syrian Civil War: Part II of II

Joey Weslo, Sports Editor May 3, 2018
“I did not know my father had been arrested by the regime, until the revolution began, and my aunts and cousins started to flee the country.” Anas Abdulrazzak’s family has seen first-hand the inhumanity and brutality perpetrated by the Assad regime against the Syrian people.
Hama, Syria

Humanizing the faces behind the Syrian Civil War: Part I of II

Joey Weslo, Sports Editor April 26, 2018

This time the bombs looked different. A noxious gas released into the night air, choked, burned and suffocated any poor soul trapped in its pitiless sting. As light broke on the April 7th attack in...

Stan Mikita

Stan Mikita was endowed my grandfather’s flamboyant “puke-coloured” trousers

Joey Weslo, Sports Editor April 20, 2018

Stan Mikita was endowed my grandfather’s flamboyant “puke-coloured” trousers. An avid golfer, hockey legend Mikita was once a high-profile member at Medinah Country Club coinciding with my grandfather...

Wes Ketchum discussing neutrinos

Fermilab scientist Wes Ketchum discusses the mysteries of neutrinos

Joey Weslo, Sports Editor April 20, 2018

If you hold up your hand towards the light of the sun, every second, 65 billion subatomic particles called neutrinos pass through the fingernail on your thumb and continue on their near-speed of light...

photographer Hannah Davis

Post-game interview with softball coach Ryan Connell

Joey Weslo, Sports Editor April 20, 2018

Amidst silver-dollar sized snowflakes pummeling in a relentless sideways howl, the resounding echo of singing players rang out across the College of DuPage’s chilled softball stadium. As winter’s lingering...

NFL players kneel in protest of police brutality during National Anthem, stirring a partisan debate

Exploring the transcendent nature of sports in American political culture

Joey Weslo, Sports Editor April 3, 2018

“Why don’t we just bomb the sh*t outta ‘em. Just drop a nuke on their whole country.” The disdainful echo of my eye-roll at this casual mention of genocide falls on deaf ears. “Man this kid...

The Case against assault weapons

Joey Weslo, Sports Editor April 3, 2018

.                   Amend the Constitution . The Case For Assault Weapons • N/A . . . . . The Case Against Assault Weapons • Stoneman Douglas (17 victims), Las Vegas...

Since when did “like a girl” become an insult?

Since when did “like a girl” become an insult?

Joey Weslo, Sports Editor April 2, 2018

Smothered in a sea of testosterone, somewhere between salaciously, sultry, half-clothed, stereotypical women selling everything from GoDaddy to beer to Hardees burgers came an estrogenic emanated epiphany...

Theoretical physicist Brian Greene

Theoretical physicist Brian Greene proposes String Theory as the theory of everything

Joey Weslo, Sports Editor April 2, 2018

Exploding and radiating existence forth into vivacious creation, the entirety of the expansive cosmos can be pinpointed to a singularity 13.82 billion years ago from which the Universe and all its life...

Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking’s eternal light (1942-2018)

Joey Weslo, Sports Editor April 2, 2018

(published 3/21/18) Stephen Hawking’s life proved even the darkest places in the universe radiate forth with light. Hawking’s radiation emanated from the magnetism of his charisma and the gravity...

Athletic Trainer
Anne Hinley

Changes to COD’s Athletic Training Program?

Joey Weslo, Sports Editor April 2, 2018

Integral to being a Chaparral is the demanding of excellence and the innate drive to always push yourself forward beyond the limits of expectations. We must strive to push through every barrier of resistance...

Rachael Ramon

Indoor Track looks to impress at Nationals

Joey Weslo, Sports Editor April 2, 2018

(published 2/28/18) Crescendoing into an ultimate test of their season’s hard-fought efforts, College of DuPage’s Men’s and Women’s Indoor Track and Field teams will compete in the 2018 NJCAA...

Post-Game interview with Coach Anderson after loss to Madison

Post-Game interview with Coach Anderson after loss to Madison

Joey Weslo, Sports Editor March 12, 2018

Exemplifying the lack of mental concentration which has dodged them all season, the Chaparrals won the opening tip-off against the visiting Madison College Wolf Pack (16-9) only to immediately lose the...

The Korean Club (Seoul of COD) discusses Olympics’ impact on tensions

The Korean Club (Seoul of COD) discusses Olympics’ impact on tensions

Joey Weslo, Sports Editor March 12, 2018

Capitulating to a more amicable diplomatic position, U.S. Vice President Mike Pence transitioned from his hard-line isolation policy against nuclear-ambitioned North Korea to being open to diplomatic meetings...

Is North Korea’s participation in the Olympics a positive step for diplomacy?

Is North Korea’s participation in the Olympics a positive step for diplomacy?

Joey Weslo, Sports Editor February 20, 2018

Precariously traversing a diplomatic duality, autocratic North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has extended an “olive branch” of reconciliation towards South Korea while simultaneously displaying the pomp...

Dynamic battle balances upon one pivotal play

Dynamic battle balances upon one pivotal play

Joey Weslo, Sports Editor February 8, 2018

Defiantly trying to turn around their lackadaisical season (4-15) and end their final games with a momentum to build into the next year, the Chaparrals at home faced the seemingly hapless cross-county-line...

Washington Redskins Training Camp August 4,  2011

Exploring the inherent racism in America’s Native American mascots

Joey Weslo, Sports Editor February 8, 2018

The wounds of cultural genocide are not easily healed. Luckily, as the writers of history, the dominant culture, we have the privilege to bestow upon our victims our greatest honour, naming our athletic...

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