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The reception was a hit, food and drinks were available to guests and professors.

Photo Gallery: Wings Student Art Gallery Reception for “Generally Specific”

The Wings Art Gallery held the reception for ceramic students of Marina Kuchinski.
Elizabeth Barbosa, Photographer
December 14, 2023
Filio Zoi Milioti- Austere
Acrylic on paper

Photo Gallery: Shellfish Exhibit Self Portraits of COD

The Shellfish: Self Portraits of COD has occupied the Wing Gallery, showcasing local artwork until Nov. 17.
Elizabeth Barbosa, Photographer
November 6, 2023

Sauce Overboard – MOTS ep. 2

MOTS welcomes you too Engineering and Technology Club’s Cardboard Boat Competition. Sail alongside the most hardcore crews of the engineering world, as five teams voyage across the tumultuous COD pool. Maybe they’ll sink, maybe they’ll survive - they’re waiting for you to find out.
Nick Karmia and Elizabeth Barbosa
October 16, 2023
The food table, which was available after students went to each poster.

Photo Gallery: Where Food and Culture Connect

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, students designed interactive posters for guests to learn about Spanish-speaking countries.
Elizabeth Barbosa, Photographer
October 5, 2023
COD Faculty and the 2023 Distinguished Alumni pose for a portrait.
(From left to right: Walter J. Johnson, Nahiris M. Bahamón, Josie Suter, Rob Jannush, Rowan A. Miranda, Jaqueline S. Ruiz, Bonnie Bailey, Dr. Brain W. Caputo).

Photo Gallery: 2023 Distinguished Alumni Awards

Five COD alumni were recognized at the annual Distinguished Alumni Awards.
Rachel Wagner, Photographer
October 2, 2023
Ofrenda installation by Alejandro García Nelo, honoring the lives taken by the earthquakes in Turkey, Syria, and Morocco. Titled 54,950.

Photo Gallery: National Museum of Mexican Art Opening “Día de Muertos” Exhibit

The National Museum of Mexican Art held its opening ceremony for its Día de Muertos Exhibit, "Living Presence."
Elizabeth Barbosa, Photographer
September 24, 2023
Re:Sierra all set up at their booth.

Photo Gallery: Buy/Sell/Swap Vintage Event Back Again at COD

Over 20 vendors engaged the COD community in a vintage swap.
Elizabeth Barbosa, Photographer
September 9, 2023
Jay Pritzker Pavilion at Millennium Park.

Photo Gallery: Selena Tribute Concert

The National Museum of Mexican Art hosted the Selena Tribute Concert at Millennium Park on Aug. 24. Despite the excessive heat warning, Chicagoans were ready to dance and celebrate the legacy of Selena.
Elizabeth Barbosa, Photographer
August 28, 2023
Cropped photo from the College of DuPage Instagram page.

Juneteenth and the Struggles Beyond Slavery

As the College of DuPage marked Juneteenth with a luncheon event, COD history professor Sam Mitrani described the significance of Juneteenth for Civil Rights and workers’ rights in the U.S.
Mariyam Syed, Managing Editor
July 17, 2023
The historical exhibit highlighted Warhols work/life, from 1928-1980s.

Photo Gallery: Andy Warhol Exhibition Opens Its Doors

The "Andy Warhol: A Life in Pop" Exhibition opens and features original works, photographs and prints from Warhol.
Elizabeth Barbosa, Photographer
June 5, 2023
Photo Gallery: Take it Back Now Yall: Vintage Apparel Swap

Photo Gallery: Take it Back Now Y’all: Vintage Apparel Swap

Vendors big and small set up booths in the SRC Conference room for the Vintage Buy/Sell/Swap event hosted by Merx Vintage on April 25.
Elizabeth Barbosa, Photographer
May 1, 2023
Courier Staff Holding Awards. 
(from left to right) Rachel Wagner, Zainab Imam, Antonio Llanos, Devin Oommen, Nick Karmia and Sarah Kueking

Graduating Courier Staff Closes Year with Multiple Awards

The Courier won Reporter of the Year and placed fourth in General Excellence at the ICCJA conference this past month. Considering these results, staff members reflect on their time at The Courier.
Bee Bishop, Editor in Chief
May 1, 2023
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