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Does Freedom of Speech Really Mean I Can Say Whatever I Want?

We all have a point of view. We come to that view from our experiences, backgrounds and unique perspectives. In this initial #ChapsUniteAgainstRacism forum, we will have a roundtable discussion with invited guests about the lines between free speech and potentially disruptive behavior on our campus and in our communities. Guests are Interim Dean of Students Dr. Nathania Montes, General Counsel Lilianna Kalin, Political Science Professor David Goldberg, Student Life Manager Chuck Steele, Student Leadership Council Student Representative Dorcas Brou and Student Trustee Samiha Syed.

Posted by College of DuPage on Tuesday, September 8, 2020

CoD Freedom of speech discussion

Kevin Ashley, Staff Writer
September 14, 2020
If the students’ goal is to remove the hate group from campus, why do they keep playing into the hate group’s hands? (graphic by: Jessica Tapia)

Hey students! You’re the reason the homophobes keep coming back!

(Why are you giving a hate group publicity?)
Joey Weslo, General Assignment Reporter
March 5, 2020
Julia Pascale, a sophomore from Baltimore, and Kyle Herbstreit, a junior from Stevensville, Michigan, discuss the death penalty during a session sponsored by WeListen, a bipartisan student group at the University of Michigan.

Getting rid of the ‘gotcha’: College students try to tame political dialogue

Rebelling against political discourse that polarizes people, new campus groups seek common ground and informed discussion of hot-button topics
Laura Pappano, The Hechinger Report
April 1, 2019
Dont expect professors to get fired when they say something you dont like

Don’t expect professors to get fired when they say something you don’t like

Frank LoMonte/University of Florida & David Jadon/Law Clerk, The Conversation
May 7, 2018
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