Myths, Monsters and Gods – COD’s New Club

Calling all mythology fans! The Greek Myth club is opening its door for COD students.


Graphic by Zainab Imam

Bee Bishop, Managing Editor

For anyone interested in Greek mythology, COD is welcoming a new club made just for you! The Greek Mythology club, or Greek Mythers, are having their introductory meeting Tuesday, March 8 and are looking for new members. Club President JoJo Baker said the goal of the club is examining how Greek mythology influences the world and pop culture.

“It’s about bringing fun to Greek mythology,” Baker said. “Because mythology is honestly in everything, so it’s really just like changing everyone’s perspective towards Greek mythology.”

Vice President Kaitlyn Arnold said the club was created out of the member’s love and fascination with Greek mythology.

“I know with JoJo who started all this, she started it simply because she’s obsessed with Greek mythology,” Arnold said. “I got into it simply from just having a love for Greek mythology.”

Club officer M.J. Dillon said that their love for the topic stems from a well-beloved young adult series.

“As a generation who grew up on the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series and was obsessed with Greek mythology or had any interest in Greek mythology, it’s fun to just talk about it,” Dillon said. “And nerd out with other people with similar interests.”

The club will host activities such as debates centered around characters from the myths, reading and analyzing books, and watching and analyzing monthly movies. Additionally, members will get to learn about Greek deities, both the popular and the lesser-known ones, and discuss the actual myths themselves. Club adviser Bonnie McLean, who teaches the Greek mythology course at COD,  said this club is a great way for people to find like-minded individuals. 

“This is a great introduction and a low stakes introduction to Greek mythology,” McLean said. “Just the general enthusiasm students have for these stories is so inspiring. It would be great to see other people find people like them.”

Arnold said this club is something that shows people how diverse and incredible COD is as a school.

“When I was going through all the colleges I wanted to attend, I was looking at the clubs and the things I could get into. I saw almost none having any kind of mythology club,” she said. “I think it just brings a new aspect to COD in a sense that other colleges aren’t going to have.”

Baker said the Greek myth club is appealing for people of all sorts of interests besides Greek mythology.

“People who are in English class or the mythology class, people who love movies, people who just want to have fun, people who know nothing about mythology and are like, ‘hey why not?’” she said. “People who need a club. Just people. It’s for everyone.”

“Even people who might enjoy debating and just want to show up and be like, ‘No, I debate better than you,’” Arnold said. “We would love those kinds of people because it brings a whole new aspect. We want a very well-rounded group of all sorts of people, all sorts of degrees, all sorts of thoughts. So just, honestly, anyone and everyone.”

The club’s next meeting is March 8 at noon over their Discord. More information can be found on their chaplife page, their website, or their Instagram page.