Letter to the editor: “President Trump is not trying to take away anything from the American people…”


Rebecca Wright

Dear Editor,

I recently picked up a copy of the Courier volume 52 number 10 and I am always so pleased at the talent that the College of DuPage produces. It seems like every year our newspaper’s talent matures and the subjects which are written hit closer and closer to home as much as they do the campus!

With my feelings about the paper being established I must admit this particular edition gave me some serious things to consider about the direction our country should go. I am referring to, of course, the front page article, “Trump Paints A Dim Picture.” Ms. Miraim Pare wrote a beautiful article in such a way that anyone can begin to gain an understanding of current issues, while still illustrating her personal struggles, accomplishments, fears, hopes and dreams. I personally find her to be an amazing woman, from what little I have learned of her from the article, and cannot stop looking at her paintings that she did without the use of her hands. I am confident her art will guide her to great places in the very near future.

However, I must respectfully be allowed to paint a picture as well and zero in on one particular issue brought about by Ms. Pare’s writing – tax cuts. Before anyone stones me, please, Dear Editor, allow me the chance to explain myself. For I personally believe that President Trump is not trying to take away anything from the American people, but give so much more back.

Over the last 100 years the Federal Government has gotten incredibly large, expanding responsibilities faster than its administrative ability. In doing so the government has limited people’s options rather than expanding them because it has become the sole provider of the people’s needs, rather than delegating responsibility back to the smaller governmental bodies whether it be state or local. In her own article, Ms. Pare wrote, “The Trump administration’s focus on pushing Americans with disabilities back into the workforce was reemphasized earlier this year when a guidance was issued to all states Medicaid Directors, announcing changes to the work requirement policy. Individual states can now choose to implement their own work requirement standards, time limits and lock out periods.” By putting this responsibility back on the state, President Trump is giving the states back their freedoms to delegate how their people should be taken care of.

This is what our country has always valued – Individual Liberty. As much as I admire Ms. Pare, I have to ask, is this not what she wants? In her article she writes, “My goal is to make something of myself … I want to change my situation.” The focus in this statement is to the individual, and the goal of bettering their own situation and/or livelihood. It is not selfish, it is not boastful, it is a part of the American dream, a dream that will only come to pass once we are a free people, and it is beautiful.

Respectfully submitted,

Rebecca Wright