DuPage Students for a Democratic Society protest border wall state of emergency

Tessa Morton, Editor In Chief

College of Dupage (COD) Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) held a banner drop in the student services center atrium on Wednesday, February 20. This was a part of a national call to action to reject Trump’s wall and his state of emergency on the US-Mexico border. The group is calling to attention the humanitarian crisis on the border and is denouncing the Trump administration labeling of immigrants as criminals.

“It’s easy to blame poor people coming from desperate situations for your troubles. What’s not so easy is acknowledging the reality that three oligarchs own more wealth than that owned by the bottom half of  people in our country combined,” said James Piehl, the first officer of the COD SDS. “We need a massive movement of direct action focused on progressive change instead of a wall based on hate.”

Members of the COD SDS advocate for radical progressive change and support a far left movement in the United States. They call for more focus to be on the

aggressive trade policies implemented by the United States government and believe that these policies have fueled the migrant crisis and the influx of refugees seeking asylum at the border.