Athlete of the Week: Max Schumann #64


Max Schumann

Kate Zadell, Sports Editor


Sport: Football

Position: Offensive Lineman

Hometown: West Chicago

KZ: What brought you to COD, and what are some of your future goals?

MS: COD was a second chance at playing college football again. I was at Wisconsin-Platteville my freshman year and didn’t fit well, but I felt I had a lot of potential and could play at the next level. My goals coming here were to earn my associates and earn a Division I football scholarship.

KZ: Can you tell us about your background and how football became your sport?

MS: I’m from West Chicago, but I went to St. Charles East High School. I’ve been in this area my whole life. I started playing football in elementary school, and I fell in love with the sport. The team dynamic of the game makes it a unique experience. Outside of football, I enjoy working with computers and other technology. I actually want to major in informatics or something similar.

KZ: How much time is spent training and practicing?

MS: We train year-round, and usually we’re training for 2-4 hours a day, 5-6 days a week. A big part of sports is mentality, and these workouts help develop (a strong mentality.) (We develop this mentality) by not giving up easily and pushing your limits.

KZ: What motivates you?

MS: I grab a little motivation from everything. From my family, my coach, fellow players and friends. Even the doubters. I’ve taken something from everyone on the coaching staff, even if they don’t coach me specifically. There’s always something to learn.

KZ: What athlete do you look up to and receive inspiration from?

MS: My hero in sports (is) Walter Payton. His dedication to the game of football and the joy he brought to other people makes me strive to do even a fraction of the amazing job he’s done.

KZ: What has this team taught you about teamwork? How does the team make you a better player?

MS: I’ve learned being part of a team that not only wants to win, but do what it takes to (succeed), is something so special about COD.

KZ: Have any teachers greatly inspired you at COD?

MS: Mrs. Brodie has been a great help. She’s the athletic counselor/adviser. She spends countless hours working with us, getting our classes in-order and keeping us all on track.

KZ: What has football taught you about testing your personal limits?

MS: In football, the human body is capable of extraordinary things. In life,  you learn to roll with the punches, and that everything happens for a reason. No matter how many (difficult) things happen to you, it all works out in the end.

KZ: Do you have a favorite  inspirational quote?

MS: “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” In this sport, if you have a hard determination and work ethic, you will soar. Coach Foster always preaches to us to give back and be part of the service projects the team does.