A look at the best new titles in video gaming’s hottest month



Kicking off November like every year is “Call of Duty,” who has ditched the jet-pack filled gameplay in favor of the typical boots on the ground style from earlier entries. While the World War II time-period has been done a number of times early on in the series, it’s nice to see it done with a paint-job much more in line with today’s standards. The games campaign seems to be focused on your typical brother-in-arms story-line, so its tough to say whether it will be worth a go. Sledgehammer Games also gives another go on the Zombies mode, supposedly the scariest its been thus far, with actors Elodie Yung and David Tennant highlighting the cast. There is also a new social space in which players can launch each of the core three modes from, with other players running around that can watch you open supply-drops or a few other activities. While its tough to say whether the lack of jet-packs and somewhat new setting will actually make this a “COD” worth playing, they seem to be making steps in the right direction. Players can get their hands on the game when it releases on Nov. 3 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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