WATCH: When People and Technology Meet, COD Creates a Club

A brand-new computer science club invites students to join projects, events and much more.

Eva Koureta, Staff Writer

Being part of an organization, group or club has a lot of benefits. Being part of a Computer Science Club at COD seems to have some unique aspects. The Club involves President Dimitar Stojanovski President, Vice President Matias Kotlik and Projects Manager Ayesha Shafiuddin alongside 150 members.

In this club, students work in teams on industry-standard projects that require no experience. The members of the CS Club are currently working on three projects. “,” a web development interactive quiz; Raspberry Pi, a hardware development smart mirror; and “” an AI/Machine learning predictor of stock prices.

Along with the projects, the Computer Science Club offers members a social environment where students can make new friends, socialize with other students, gain experience and knowledge that they can, later on, add to their resume.

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