What leads people to commit suicide and why men are at greater risk

Le Suicide by Edouard Manet

Le Suicide by Edouard Manet

Eva Koureta, Staff Writer

There is a specific question that comes to my mind when referring to suicide. Are people scared to live, or fearless of death?

COD Student Mental Health Counselor Dr. Dennis Emano has spent years listening to young people with a variety of problems. He said suicide is most often not about wanting to die. “I do not believe that people are afraid of life or not afraid of death, I simply understand that they just want to put an end to their pain.”

As sensitive as this topic can be, we cannot overlook the fact that the less we talk about it the more questions it generates. Are people with suicidal thoughts weak?

There is no substance of weakness or strength. The unbearable pain an individual can feel combined with mental health issues can lead to suicide attempts.

Based on the suicide facts of U.S.A. in 2020 (chapterland.org), men committed suicide 3.6 times more than women. In addition, women were more likely to attempted suicide, 1.4 times more than men but without success.

When it comes to statistics, globally women think about suicide, talk about suicide and attempt suicide more than men. However, in the end, men die by suicide more than women. So how is that possible, and why is it happening?

Emano said men are less connected and more isolated than women. Men do not usually talk about their feelings, their depression or their thoughts and as a result, men are less likely to get treatment. Research has shown that men who observe more intensely to masculine standards have a negative behavior towards psychological help. (healthydebate.ca) Thus, in the year before they committed suicide, only 35% of men visited a mental health consultant, while 58% of women did.

Furthermore, one of the reasons why men are at greater risk is the lethal means they use to commit suicide. Men tend to use more brutal ways to end their life than women.

However, not only people with psychological traumas have suicidal thoughts or have attempted suicide. Individuals with bipolar disorder, anxiety or depression are those who seek a way out from their pain.

The most important aspect of a mental health illness is that it can be treated. It is highly suggested that people with mental health disorders should get treatment by mental health practitioners. In addition, family members and friends can also support their loved ones by getting educated from a mental health counselor on how to prevent and assist the person in need.


If you have suicidal thoughts, do not hesitate to ask for help. Suicide hotline available 24 hours 800-273-8255.

Significant resources on how to deal with mental health issues are offered by mental health counselors of COD. Visit cod.edu/student_life/resources/counseling/personal_counseling/resources.aspx

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