Watch COD President Ann Rondeau deliver commencement address at Rosalind Franklin University


Courier staff

College of DuPage President Ann Rondeau delivered a keynote address to graduates of Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science Friday that called on those receiving diplomas to find and rely on their courage and hearts as they try to change the world.
“The key to a happy life is a good and virtuous life that is lived well, a life that has sustained friendships, colleagues, relationships, challenging work and connection to community,” Rondeau said. “The way to change the world is not through some grandiose plan. We all have that ability to impact one day at a time. Our accountability in the world is to first take local action, and that means the face in front of you. That starts that journey toward honorable service.”
Rondeau told the graduates personal accountability and playing an active role in your own happiness is key. She told a story about looking for someone with a sense of humor in hiring an assistant during her tenure in the Navy. She interviewed four people, asking all of them if they had the ability to laugh. Three of the four responded, “Yes, ma’am.” But one candidate responded, “Admiral, are you funny?”
“He made me accountable that I was part of that joy.”
She closed with a call to remain committed to making the world a better place no matter the adversity that comes along.
“We talk about the intellect, and it’s important, but the heart will bring us over the finish line,” Rondeau said. “Do you have the courage to stand tall? Do you have the courage to stand forth and be steady? Do you have the courage to be committed. That takes a lot of heart.”
Rondeau also received an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degree from the university prior to her address.

Watch Rondeau’s speech HERE.
(Intro to the speech begins at the 1 hour, 9 minute mark.)