Tips for Navigating COD’s Main Campus


Nicole Littlefield, Managing Editor

Now that the COD campus has reopened to the public after a year of being closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, many new students are coming on campus for the first time. Here are some tips to help navigate around the main campus: 

Many of the buildings are connected

Although they have different names, the Student Resource Center (SRC), Student Services Center (SSC) and Berg Instructional Center (BIC) are actually one interconnected building. If you are walking in the SRC, it only takes one turn for you to now be in the SSC, which then can take you to the BIC. 

Photo By Alexia Lukose

The McAninch Arts Center (MAC) and the Physical Education Center (PEC) can be accessed through tunnels on opposite sides of the BIC hallways. These tunnels are only accessible on the first floor of the BIC. The Health and Science Center (HSC) can be accessed with the pedestrian bridge that goes over Prairie Drive. This hallway is only accessible on the second floor of the SRC.

Photo By Alexia Lukose

If you are ever lost, ask someone! Most people are more than happy to give directions and if they don’t know, they can direct you to someone who does.

You can find maps of the COD campus here:

Center of campus

Photo By Alexia Lukose

Campus Central and Starbucks are located in the SSC and are considered the middle of campus because this is where most administrative offices are located. Campus Central is a circle desk with staff there to answer any questions. Across from Starbucks is the Financial Aid office, which is also next to the Registration office, the Specialized Admissions office and the police walk-up desk. Counseling and Career Services are located above Campus Central on the third floor, and the Student Life Lounge and Student Life office are located below Campus Central on the ground floor.

Photo By Aleixa Lukose

Before the COD campus closed and faculty, staff and students began working remotely, many events and social gatherings were hosted in the open area next to Campus Central or in the Student Life Lounge.

Bathroom placement

Throughout the COD campus there are a lot of bathrooms, but their placement doesn’t always make sense. Instead of having one bathroom for women and one bathroom for men right next to each other, most of the time both bathrooms are for the same gender, although this pattern is not always followed. However, there is usually a bathroom of the opposite gender just a hallway away, but the easiest way to find a bathroom is to follow the signs. 

There are gender neutral bathrooms in the BIC, HSC, and PEC. BIC2520 is located in the long hallway facing College Road (near BIC8). HSC1207 is located to the right of the Dental Clinic and HSC3315 and HSC3317 are located opposite of the east elevators. PEC126 and PEC139 are located across from the PE welcome desk and needs a staff member to unlock.

The Library


The COD library is an amazing resource for students and community members. Located in the SRC, the library is on two floors. The bookstore (located on the ground floor) is right below the library.

Throughout the library, there are plenty of study areas to choose from. However, each section is marked with a different volume. There are open talk zones, quiet zones and silent zones, so make sure you are aware of which zone you are in.

The technology and media lab is located on the first floor as well as the reference desk and the printing and scanning station. The second floor is currently closed to the public, but there is more study areas as well as study rooms that can be reserved.


Although the COD campus can be a little confusing to navigate, the more you walk around and explore the easier it will be to navigate.