Tim Tebow to return to the NFL?

BREAKING NEWS: According to ESPN Adam Schefter, Tim Tebow tried out for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Over the years, the NFL has witnessed highly touted quarterback prospects burn out on the big stage after teams gambled on them using their first-round picks. Most of the quarterbacks who don’t live up to the high expectations simply don’t transfer their talent to the next level. Some are plagued by injuries, like Sam Bradford or Jake Locker, who recently retired because of his ongoing issue with concussions. There have been extreme cases where players have used their salaries to buy higher end drugs (Jamarcus Russell and Ryan Leaf).

Quarterback Tim Tebow has his own reason from getting dragged out of his relevance in the NFL.

Ever since he was a high school football legend in Florida, Tebow has been outspoken about his religious beliefs which awarded him a lot of media attention. Tebow has gone on t.v. to promote his anti-abortion stance and even has an urban dictionary term named after him called “tebowing.” If someone “tebows” it means they are getting down on one knee and pretending to pray like Tebow who prays before his games and after he scores a touchdown.

Tebow’s numbers on the field don’t reflect the hype that surrounds his polarizing image. He has built up a reputation of playing poorly through the first three quarters before he dials in a strong fourth quarter performance. This worked out fine for him before him and his team were demolished by the Patriots in the second round of the playoffs in 2012. He was replaced the next year by future hall of famer Peyton Manning. Tebow hasn’t made a start for an NFL team since and one of the main reasons is that teams don’t want Tebow to attract massive amounts of media attention. He has stated that he still has the desire to become an NFL quarterback and still trains as he awaits for a phone call from one of the 32 NFL teams.

As of today, it looked like he might get that opportunity.

The Eagles are gave Tebow a chance to establish himself as a true NFL starter and held a tryout for him. The Eagles are trying to figure out their quarterback position after they traded two-year veteran Nick Foles. The team re-signed Tebow’s former teammate, Mark Sanchez, to a two-year deal while they also acquired former Rams’ quarterback, Sam Bradford. Bradford has been derailed by injuries during his tenure with the Rams and he has a lot to overcome since he missed last season with a torn ACL.

There’s only one person that stands in front of Tebow achieving his dream: himself.

If Tebow can keep his mind focused on football when the opportunity looms, he might be able to attract more attention from other teams. People have the right to express their religious beliefs and they are entitled to be proud of the religious community they choose to be a part of. With professional sports, any type of distraction that takes the focus off of the team’s primary goals is something that needs to be recognized and removed. This has happened with Tebow twice as he was traded from the Broncos to the Jets, who decided not to keep him on the team after a year where he served as the backup for Sanchez.

Tebow hopes that after a three year break from the NFL that the media won’t suffocate him and his teammates with questions about his role on the team. With that being said, Tebow also has to watch how he expresses his religion when the cameras are pointed in his direction. By showing teams he cares more about his role on the team rather than his image off the field, he will definitely draw some interest from teams. This does not mean he can’t express his religious beliefs on the field. He just needs to be more discreet and not make a spectacle out of it like he has in the past.

The Eagles gave him a tryout and decided to pass on signing him at the moment. The question still remains if teams who are looking for quarterbacks would turn to Tebow as a result of desperation.

Stay tuned.