Thoughts on “Atlantic the lost Empire”


Kevin Ashley, Staff Writer

If you are looking for another film that is a throwback to one’s childhood that still holds up to the hype, then Disney’s “Atlantis the Lost Empire” is a film you should rewatch or watch for the first time.

For a brief summary without spoilers, the movie is about the rediscovery of the lost city of Atlantis, an advanced civilization that disappears after a disaster that they may or may not have brought upon themselves. The explorers who are going out to find the city want to find it for many reasons. Some for glory, some for adventure, others for knowledge and some for money. 

This film is massively underrated. When it came out in 2001, the film underperformed in theaters. Then Disney started moving away from the 2D animation style, which is a mistake because that style of animation is not only so uniquely American but beautiful to look at. 

The story follows the trend of films like “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” with dark themes that make you question the rating. It is those themes that really drive Atlantis as an excellent film. With those darker undertones, they can go over a child’s head, but the adults can definitely pick them up. For example one of the themes of the movie is human greed and how far people are willing to go for money. However, the unique characters and their interaction as a level of whimsy and seriousness that keep younger audiences entertained. 

Films like Atlantis are special because they use a dying art and animation style, and they challenge the audience. Both adults and children enjoy the film with its dark, but easy-to-follow, stories. This underrated film deserves more attention.