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Used by those who come from all walks of life, one 4 milligram bottle of Narcan spray can mean the difference between surviving an opioid overdose and death.

Narcan Overdose Medication Approved for Over-The-Counter Purchases

Narcan, a drug that reverses opioid overdoses, no longer requires a prescription now. This increase to its accessibility brings a positive change in the fight against addiction.
Nick Karmia, Staff Writer
September 11, 2023
North American Firearms, a family run gun shop out of  Lombard, Ill. puts police tape over rifles thatve been banned by the Protect Illinois Communities Act.

Assault Weapons Ban: Illinois Supreme Court Ruling Brings Debate

With the green light from the Illinois Supreme Court, the 'Protect Illinois Communities Act' brings discussion into the balance between public safety and constitutional rights.
Nick Karmia, Staff Writer
August 28, 2023
From spinning tracks to defending his country, Andrii Dovhaichuk has been fighting for Ukraine since the very beginning.

Ambushed and Injured: From DJ to Combatant in the Ukraine Conflict

After surviving a life-threatening injury, one Ukrainian soldier finds his way to the Chicagoland area to receive the care he couldn’t find back home.
Nick Karmia, Staff Writer
May 8, 2023
A Red Roof Inn repurposed into an Interim Housing Center by DuPagePads, located in Downers Grove, Ill.

DuPage County Homelessness and Its Link To COD

Most recent estimates place over 50,000 people below the poverty line in DuPage County, while issues like high housing costs and overcrowding affect more than 100,000.
Nick Karmia, Staff Writer
April 10, 2023
Guest speaker Larry McClellan. Photograph by Elizabeth Barbosa

History in Your Backyard

As part of COD’s events for Black History Month, guest speaker Larry McClellan discussed freedom seekers and the Underground Railroad in Northeastern Illinois.
Mariana Quezada, Staff Writer
February 13, 2023
A Perspective on Abortion in Illinois

A Perspective on Abortion in Illinois

A recent reproductive rights press conference gave insight on the progressive point of view
Noah McBrien, Staff Writer
October 10, 2022
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Politics, contrarianism not serving students
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September 4, 2014
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