Not Now Chief, I’m in the Zone: Meet the Courier’s New EIC

Brandon Beckwith, Editor-In-Chief

Photo by Aimee Leal

I like to think I’m an avid swimmer. You’ll often see me in the deep end of everything in life. With every obstacle I face, I never hesitate to dive in head-first. And at no point do I stop to think of the sharks that infest these waters. The way I see it, it doesn’t matter how deep it is if you can tread water.

It’s a bad analogy; I hate the ocean. Even so, it describes my confident (or foolish) view toward life’s challenges. This is super cheesy, but life outside the comfort zone is more interesting.

I’ll address the elephant in the room: I’m no journalist. I use the word “I” too much. I’m one of the youngest in the office, and I’ve never been in a management position. I often wonder how I got myself into this situation, but I never question if I’m right for the job. I’m a graphic designer, a utilitarian creative; problem-solving is in my nature. And nothing says problems like a student-ran newspaper. I have full faith that the team will produce nothing but the best content for students at the College of DuPage.

Being the former design editor to the Courier, it’ll definitely be interesting. The designer has perspective. Where most staff members write their story and move on, it’s the designer who sees the whole thing coalesce into the final product. With that in mind, I will be more invested in the production end of the paper compared to other EIC’s.

The Courier is your No. 1 source for campus news, ran by students for the students. So to all the students, new and returning, staff, faculty and those who see us to be more than a crossword puzzle: on behalf of the Courier staff, I welcome you to the 2019 fall semester.