Hey! One Last Wonderful Time With Arthur.

“Arthur” the long-running PBS show concludes after 25 seasons of making childhoods.


Edited Graphic by Zainab Imam

Johnny Chirayil, Social Media Editor

The famous PBS Kids animated series, “Arthur,” has officially come to conclusion on Feb. 21, after 26 years of airing. The final episode wraps up the beloved series exactly the way longtime fans would like, but maybe not with the outcome they’d guessed.

Our favorite aardvark is all grown-up, and he now makes his epilogue as a book author, just like the character’s creator, Marc Brown. But that doesn’t stop there, all of Arthur’s friends have become adults and have jobs not many veteran Arthur fans would think of. In the final episode, “All Grown Up,” Arthur and his friends gather together in an abandoned library stack room. They happen to find an old-electronic board game that predicts their future, according to what personalities they have.

Twenty years after they play the game, Muffy, still caring and determined, now runs for mayor. Francine becomes a competitive and enterprising businesswoman. Buster uses his curiosity and uncanny imagination to become a teacher, though originally he wanted to be a pseudoscientist since he believes in aliens.

After seeing Arthur for many years, I would guess Muffy would become a fashion model; Francine becomes a star athlete, and Buster becomes an astronaut since he would love to go to outer space and see aliens. Arthur’s career was no surprise. I love how the episode is not giving the characters obvious jobs because every finale should give off a good surprise to the audience.

By the time the game was about to tell Arthur his future, the game started to break. So, he didn’t know whether he’ll be an author or not. When he and his friends were about to leave, he ran into Marc Brown (Brown was making a cameo). Brown offered Arthur a book on how to draw animals, which is what inspired Arthur to become a graphic novelist.

This was a clever scene because this references how Brown learned how to draw animals for his Arthur books, and has now created a character who’s about to do what he did over the years. I think having Arthur being a graphic novelist is a great idea. If you have seen the episode “The Short, Quick Summer,” you can tell Arthur’s an absolute bookworm. He is imaginative and adventurous and always determined to try new things. Additionally, I believe this goes to show that Arthur does look up to Marc Brown.

I’ve been a fan of the Arthur series for a long time, and it’s absolutely sad to see the show go after running for such a long time. Arthur and his friends really had a good run, but all good things will always come to an end.