College of DuPage president: “Racism is unacceptable”


Courier report

In response to the killing of George Floyd by a Minnesota police officer and the subsequent local protests, College of DuPage President Brian Caputo released the following statement Tuesday:
“The events of the past week have undoubtedly plunged this country into an incredibly difficult set of circumstances.  Our nation has been significantly impacted in a variety of ways by the untimely death of George Floyd – leaving us grasping for answers. 
On the surface, it can appear that little ground has been made since the Civil Rights Movement began 60 years ago.  The events of the past week have made it very clear that racism still exists in this country and the pain associated with it runs deep.
At College of DuPage, we have four core values that we underscore in all that we do:  integrity, honest, respect and responsibility.  One of our Board policies includes non-discrimination provisions focused on protecting the rights of all students and employees. 
College of DuPage celebrates diversity.  We support ALL of our students and employees.  Racism is unacceptable and we pledge to do everything we can to show our community that brilliance shines in every individual.
COVID-19 continues to impact our daily lives, and we have only begun to understand the long-term ramifications the ongoing pandemic will have on our collective and individual well-being.  Now, in the aftermath of the recent tragic events we have experienced, many of us may feel lost.
Yet, this is not a time to despair.  I see hope in people of all backgrounds coming together to clean up the debris.  They are helping one another and, as a result, showing us a way to begin healing.
The only way to deal with racism is by recognizing its existence and educating people on the importance of equity and inclusion.  A multicultural society will enrich all of our lives by opening us up to new ideas that broaden our ability to understand and accept one another.
College of DuPage is completely committed to equity and inclusion as well as providing the tools we need to build a world that celebrates all of us.  When conditions permit, we look forward to coming back to campus to demonstrate that commitment.”