Chaparrals Clinch Win Over Cyclones

The women’s soccer team won over Moraine Valley on Oct. 21 in a 5-0 shutout.

Nick Karmia

Claire Valenti and Nick Karmia

On Sophomore night for the women’s soccer team, the Chaparrals led the game 1-0 through the first half. They took the field with a newfound fire after halftime and clinched the game 5-0 against the Moraine Valley Cyclones, raising their record to 4-3-4.

“[At halftime] we talked about trying to be consistent and a few other things to try to open up opportunities,” head women’s coach Zac Ludwig said. “We were consistent, kept at the game plan, wore the other team down, and at some point they just opened the floodgates. We were able to put them in the net, and we’re happy with that,” head women’s coach Zac Ludwig said.

Sophomore midfielder Eveleen Guemez scored back-to-back goals in the second half of the game, making these her seventh and eighth goals of the season. She said she hopes to be remembered after her last season with the team.

“My dad told me if I scored a goal today, since it was sophomore night, I’d get $50. So that was part of it,” Guemez said. “Also, at the beginning Anna scored, too, and I [thought] if she scored so can I, and we can keep scoring more goals as a team. I’ve been playing here since last year, and I wanted to leave one last good impression here at COD.”

Freshman forward Anna Odisho said their movement overall as a team is what really gave them the upper hand in Friday night’s game. Their coordination really helped them let loose in the second half scoring four more goals.

“First half was not our best performance; it’s not what we can do. We came together at halftime and said, ‘let’s show them who we are’,” Odisho said.

The Chaparrals play their last game of the regular season against the Illinois Valley Community College Eagles at 2:30 p.m. on Oct. 25 at BjarneUllsivk Stadium.