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Everyone has a right to respect

Maggie Curran, Opinion Editor

March 25, 2015

Breasts. Blunts. Booze. Bullying. If you’ve befriended COD Snaps, a Snapchat account stylized as “cod_snaps,” you’ve seen more than enough of these. While COD Snaps’ stories run rampant with what appeared to be students...

Respect is something that is earned, it is not a right

Ashlee Berner, Design Editor

March 25, 2015

As if College of DuPage hasn’t been in the news enough the past few weeks, COD Snaps is one more thing to get people talking about our school. COD Snaps has taken a turn for the worst and became a place where students started...

Logging off online dating

Maggie Curran, Opinion Editor

March 18, 2015

In a world where online dating is stereotypically for middle-aged divorcees, I was pretty shocked when Tinder became so popular among young adults and teens. Six billion matches have already been made on the app since its release...

Our endorsements for student trustee, president

March 13, 2015

On March 17 and 18, it will be time for students to cast their vote in the Student Leadership Council election. This election determines which students will become College of DuPage’s new student body president, vice president,...

What’s important to note: Waterleaf scandal

Kelly Wynne, Features Editor

March 11, 2015

College of DuPage recently graced the front page of Chicago Tribune with yet another scandal. The article dug deep into costs spent by top-level administrators, particularly those of President Robert Breuder, at Waterleaf, COD’s...

The Homeland Security Education Center on the College of DuPage campus on Feb. 23.

What’s in a name

February 25, 2015

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