Athlete of the Week: #5 Darrell Smith 


Athlete of the week: #5 Darrell Smith

Kate Zadell, Sports Editor


KZ: What games are you watching this holiday while you are on break?

DS: (Dallas) Cowboys! I love my Cowboys! Big Ezekiel Elliot fan!

KZ: Where does your love for the Cowboys come from?

DS: Ezekiel originally came from my hometown: Alton, Illinois. My dad used to talk to me about him and I’ve liked watching him play ever since. He plays the same position as me, so I usually watch him to learn new things from him!

KZ: Does your family motivate you?

DS: Oh yes, my dad is one of the reasons why I am who I am today; he always makes sure I’m on top of my grades. He makes sure I have no outside distractions, and if I do, he gives me a lecture and tells me (not to let) anything throw me off because I’m trying to play at the highest level possible.

KZ: How have the COD coaches inspired you?

DS: Coach Foster told us all as soon as he met us, “Blame nobody, expect nothing, do something!” The coaches at COD are wonderful. They have helped me learn a lot this year, on and off the field.

KZ: Who/What else motivates you?

DS: Another person who motivates me is another NFL player coming from my hometown, Michael Ford. He plays for the Detroit Lions. This makes me want to strive for greatness just like they did. My ability comes from my teammates and coaches. If I am doing something wrong my teammates help me and explain to me what I could do better the next play.

KZ: What’s one of the best decisions you’ve ever made and why?

DS: Redshirting my freshman year helped me out a whole bunch. I thought it was a bad decision, and my coaches were leading me in the wrong direction, but it turned out it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. This year was a learning aspect for me, so now if I come back to COD, I know what I need to work on to become a better leader and football player.

KZ: What are some of your favorite hobbies?

DS: My favorite hobbies are playing basketball with my friends back home, Tyohn Trimble and Kevin Caldwell. (They are) two of my best buddies who have always helped me become a better athlete. (I also love) anything that has to do with Marvel or DC. I love watching superhero shows like Arrow or Flash. I also love playing soccer with my friends and my girlfriend. I also love being home. I love chilling and eating multiple plates with the family (while celebrating holidays).

KZ: Are you looking forward to the Red Grange Bowl?

DS: I am ready to play and have a good time with my teammates. I’ve never won a ring before, so that would be a nice experience.

KZ: How do you prepare for games?

DS: I usually prepare for games by getting focused ahead of time and watching film (of past games).

KZ: What is your proudest moment?

DS: Every morning with my team at 6:15 is my proudest moment. Those game days where we are all getting pumped before, dancing and listening to music. One of the greatest triumphs is when I’m watching all my teammates play a great game. Defense and offense are flying around making plays. No one is giving up.

KZ: Do you have a favorite quote?

DS: One of my favorite quotes one of my friend Angelo Redden says, “You gotta stay down until you come up.” When something doesn’t go his way he always says this. He plays on the football team and we both come from the same town and high school.