Andy Warhol is Coming to Town

The MAC organized a fun sneak peek for the upcoming Andy Warhol art exhibition.


Mariana Quezada, Staff Writer

The ‘70s are back in style at COD. Mirrorballs, music and more. To top it all off, Andy Warhol is coming to COD.

On March 1, faculty and students got a taste of the upcoming Warhol exhibition at a preview event hosted by the team of the McAninch Arts Center (MAC.) The exhibit will take place from June 3 to Sept. 10 at the Cleve Carney Museum of Art of the MAC. It will feature 94 works from Andy Warhol Portfolios: A Life in Pop/Works from the Bank of America Collection. The team at the MAC, under the leadership of Director Diana Martinez, decorated the lobby with pictures and displays of what’s to come.

“We hosted this Warhol party for the students and the staff to get everybody here at COD excited about the show coming this summer. Teach people a little bit about Andy Warhol,” Martinez said.

Warhol is an iconic figure of American pop art. He is best known for his vibrant and colorful images of celebrities and products, such as Marilyn Monroe in the well-known painting “Marilyn Diptych.” He also developed and was a proponent of the silkscreen print method, which is what most of his paintings are made of. 

In his art, the audience sees a keen interest in exploring the relationship between art and mass culture, as his works often commented on the consumerism of art and the role of advertising in American society. If you like the ‘70s, his work offers a glimpse to the magic surrounding the era. If you’re a music fan, you’ve definitely seen his work in the cover art of The Velvet Underground’s debut album. If you know of tomato soup, one of his most famous works is an ode to Campbell’s soup cans. Warhol has something for everyone.

Students trying silkscreen printing. Photograph by Elizabeth Barbosa

The event was not limited to learning about the artist. Other fun activities took place, too. Art Professor Chuck Boone helped students try the technique of silk screen printing, popularized by Warhol. Many students left the event with a portrait of their own with Warhol’s silhouette. New York-style hot dogs were offered and merchandise from the event like T-shirts were given away.

During the event, students might have even gotten a glimpse of an Andy Warhol impersonator donning a leather jacket and dark sunglasses. He was not the only special guest, as Chappy also appeared to gift other items to the event’s attendants and to dance. Students were encouraged to dance to the tune of ‘70s hits like the Bee Gees’ “More than a Woman” led by two of the event’s organizers. 

The event tried to evoke another landmark feature of Warhol’s ‘70s New York, Studio 54, a legendary nightclub in Manhattan known for its parties and celebrity sightings. The MAC was turned into a dance floor, at least for a couple of hours. Studio 54 will also be among the interactive experiences offered by the upcoming exhibit.

Chappy and Andy dancing. Photograph by Elizabeth Barbosa

“Besides this, we’re gonna have a free student day before we open on June 3rd. This will be for the students to come and will also serve as a dress rehearsal for our staff.” explained Martinez.

This event comes from the creative team that led the successful “Frida Kahlo: Timeless” exhibition hosted in 2021 at the Cleve Carney Museum of Art of the MAC. 

Tickets are already on sale, prices range from $25 to $40. For more information, you can go to the MAC’s website.