What we saw at CPAC


Kevin Ashley, Staff Writer

The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) is a national convention organized by the American Conservative Union. The American Conservative Union is a right-leaning political action group that helps advocate and fund events, laws and politicians. This group heavily influences American politics  This event was hosted from Feb 25-28 in  Orlando. But why does CPAC exist?  

“CPAC is basically in existence to be able to put forward the conservative agenda and raise money for conservatives running for office,” said Bill Enright, an adjunct political science professor at COD. If someone wants to run for office or run for higher offices in the U.S. political system then CPAC is an excellent starting point.


The convention this year was very large despite the current COVID-19 pandemic. Notable figures were there expressing their concerns about the current state of America and the country’s politics. “The message of CPAC was they wanted to create unity and stand by whoever the candidate is in 2024,”said Enright.


Figures like Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley were expressing their opinion about current controversies and cancel culture. However, no one could outshine the main attraction of the event, former President Donald Trump. Trump appeared at the convention to express how the Republican Party needed unity while calling out, by name, his rivals and hinting he may run for office again in 2024.

This convention featured a lot of the major players in American Conservative discourse. More centrist conservative figures like Utah Sen. Mitt Romney were not invited and their names were booed and when mentioned.

Ultimately, CPAC gives an idea of where the conservative conscience is going for the next four years. From winning seats back in the House and the Senate to blocking President Biden’s Agenda at all costs. They also plan to fight Big Tech and cancel Culture.