What to wear: Lollapalooza edition

What to wear: Lollapalooza edition

Kelly Wynne, Editor-In-Chief


Festivals are a place to truly express yourself in style. Many online sources may encourage you to be yourself and really let your inner spirit shine. Don’t. Festivals are hot, they’re crowded and you need to look like you belong. Follow these tips to fit in with what everyone else will be wearing. You’ll never regret looking like every other girl you see!

Vintage Band Tee!

Dig through your parent’s old boxes. You may be lucky enough to find a Bad Company or Rolling Stones T-shirt. Vintage tees such as this will sell anywhere from $350 to $17,000, but rip it, cut it, anything to make it look cooler than it already is. Don’t worry if you feel like a phony. If anyone asks you to name one of the band’s songs, just pretend you don’t speak English.

Cool Sandals!

Sandals are the way to go in fashion. They add an instant sense of class to any outfit. Lollapalooza is known to be a muddy wasteland at the first raindrop, but fingers crossed the sun shines. If worse comes to worst and you lose a shoe in the after-storm turmoil, you’ll look like a barefoot rain goddess, which is even cooler.

Life-sized fake flower!

This one will set you apart from the crowd, in a totally enviable way. Vanessa Hudgens has forever been known as the queen of Coachella. Two years ago, she brought a fake sunflower the size of herself to the grounds, and no one has been able to forget it. Take a chance and bring your own. It might get in the way at shows, but it will get you noticed. Don’t worry about going through security. You might be randomly checked and questioned for the abnormal size requirement, but don’t let that deter you.

An Indian headdress!

What’s better than a few feathers? A thousand feathers! Feathers are a must for any and every music festival. A Native American headdress is the best way to showcase you know that. This is in no way offensive; it’s cultural appropriation. There’s also a trend of Pocahontas costumes and all-leather boho inspired dresses. Grab your John Smith and get your party on!


Lollapalooza is bound to be hot. Throw classy out the window and wear as little as possible. Opt for pasties, a bandana as your shirt or wear a bikini. There’s no beach in sight, but you’ll look cooler than your contradicting temperature! There are loads of creative ways to reveal enough to kill any imagination. You may be stalked and cat called, but hey, it’s a music festival. It’s all in the nature of fun.