Watchdog group barks back

Taira Alabi, News Editor

A local watchdog group might be barking its way into College of DuPage student email accounts soon.

The Edgar County Watchdogs, a self-described group of “concerned citizens” that hopes to “foster accountability, truth, and transparency in our local governing bodies,” filed a Freedom of Information Act request to obtain all email addresses that the college manages in September.

What followed was a legal battle between the college and the watchdog group, ultimately ending with the Attorney General requiring the college to release email accounts.

Kirk Allen of the Edgar County Watchdogs explained that he does not think the college will give his group the email addresses. Allen explains that he and the watchdog group simply wants the email addresses to “keep students informed” and not for any malpractice.

“If you can get them through a FOIA request, then anybody could do it,” Allen said, “ I have no interest in selling [the email addresses].”

College spokesman Randall Samborn said COD currently has no comment on the matter.