Trustees reaffirm Breuder’s buyout

Board votes 6-1 to approve $762,000 severance package


Lucas Koprowski

The crowd of district 502 citizens at the Board of Trustees meeting in the Student Life area of the College of DuPage on Jan. 28.

Courier Staff

The College of DuPage board of trustees reaffirmed President Robert Breuder’s buyout package Wednesday evening. The 6-1 decision exactly followed the original Jan. 22 decision, with Vice Chair Kathy Hamilton as the lone dissenter.

Under the severance package, Breuder will receive a lump sum of $762,867 when he retires March 31, 2016.

Many citizens gathered in the Student Services Center and voiced their opposition to the deal.

Student Trustee Omar Escamilla, saying “yes” to the payout, condemned the crowd’s protestations.

“I’m very proud to say I go to COD,” Escamilla told The Courier. “I don’t feel ashamed or embarrassed unlike many people who commented tonight.”

“I’m very sad our school is going through this,” Escamilla added.

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