The award of a lifetime: Christopher Schneberger wins outstanding adjunct faculty award

Reanna Comiso, Features Editor

Christopher Schneberger is a successful photographer who has work displayed all over the country and beyond. From Los Angeles to Hong Kong to Chicago, his art speaks magnitudes to audiences near and far.

Schneberger is not just talented in his art; he now has another accomplishment to add to his impressive career.

On April 2, College of Dupage (COD) awarded Schneberger the 2018 Outstanding Adjunct Faculty Member of the year for the knowledge and passion he brings to the classroom.

Schneberger has taught at COD since 2014, teaching courses like foundations of digital photography, fundamentals of photography, travel photography and photoshop.

He earned his BFA in creative photography from the University of Florida and his MFA in creative photography from Indiana University, where he taught his first classes as a teaching assistant while attending graduate school.

The idea of becoming an educator came naturally. Upon graduating, the first jobs that Schnerberger searched for were teaching jobs.

“I always liked being in school and the daily act of learning,” said Schneberger. “Whether I am learning something or showing something to someone else, I just enjoy that process.”

Schneberger also teaches at Columbia College, Dominican University and the Illinois Institute of Art.

His teaching and photography career go hand-in-hand. Where he gains inspiration from the classroom in creating art, he is able to bring in his own passion to instill into his students.

“With photography, if it is something that I am really excited about, I am eager to pass it on to someone else who I think also will enjoy learning it” said Schneberger. “When I teach photography, I am also essentially taking the class. We learn every time we teach.”

Schneberger has had work displayed in the Annenberg Space for Photography, The Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, Geocarto International and the Printworks Gallery. He is also a two-time recipient of the Illinois Arts Council artist grant for his individual work and often takes part in visiting artist lectures, where he discusses his art and different softwares used in digital art.

Winning the award for outstanding adjunct faculty member, though, is one of the awards that means the most to him.

“It is so rewarding to have that recognition,” said Schneberger. “Just to be nominated is really heartwarming. The teaching life doesn’t come with a lot of monetary award. It occasionally comes with a lot of frustration. So it is great to get that kind of recognition. It really puts some wind in my sails to keep me going.”

Winners of the Outstanding Faculty award are nominated every year by students.  Once students nominate a faculty member, the winners are then chosen by a college committee composed of faculty, administration, students and trustees to choose a winner.