Student Leadership Council Upcoming Events


Haley Battle, Staff Writer

It is evident that the Student Leadership Council cares about student voices, and wants to give leadership opportunities to students to make an impact within College of Dupage.  The SLC’s main goal is to bring in more students and get varying perspectives. For the past two weeks, I have had the honor to sit in on two zoom meetings and document their goals, events coming up at the end of the semester and what they are striving for in the upcoming weeks. 

Upcoming Committee events: 

  • International Student issues: The international student committee has planned an upcoming event from the 15th to the 19th of November concerning international students. The event will be held at COD. The International student committee is planning to exhibit various cultures and they hope to include local and international students. 
  • Budget Team: The Budget committee is trying to put their thoughts and ideas together to improve their leadership skills. They are currently in the midst of putting the team together. As for updates on COD merchandise, they are deciding if they want to add new things like masks and sweaters. The SLC is creating a forum of members to comment and give suggestions amongst the team. 
  • The Operations Team: The shared operations team met the week of Oct. 26. They had a meeting concerning personal professional development of individual members on the team. They are currently trying to bring back elements of the peer mentorship program, where the operations team pairs experienced officers from the team with newer members of the team. The goal is to provide accountability among members and familiarity with their roles in the team. 
  • Marketing Team: The marketing team meets weekly at 10am on Mondays. The team is planning to decorate the SLC. The team is posting on Instagram and creating a ‘meet the team’ poster. 

Other events: 

  • The Dupage Higher Education Service Council is a large non-profit located in the greater Chicago area. Dupage County is one of the few counties selected to perform experimental projects. They have created a platform for networking every non-profit that is active in the county. 

If you want more information or if your interested in joining, you can head over to these links: 

ChapLife Page: