After-class comedies

The best new binge-worthy shows


Maggie Curran, Opinion Editor

With the start of second semester comes the stress of schoolwork we grew to forget over winter break. Luckily, these new comedy series can help take your mind off the work and offer some much-needed laughter when you get out of class.

Difficult People

Seasons: 1

Available on Hulu

In a revamped way, “Difficult People” is a sort of modern-day “Seinfeld:” a show about Jewish comedians in New York City who spend most of their time complaining. The show’s title stands true to describe Julie (Julie Klausner) and Billy (Billy Eichner), the best friend duo that yells at children during a Broadway show of “Annie” and tweet hate to popular celebrities. They are a classic example of characters which viewers love to hate, and with every snarky comment it becomes clearer that difficult people are sometimes the funniest.

Broad City

Seasons: 2

Available on Comedy Central and Hulu

Produced by Amy Poehler, “Broad City” is the fairly new series perfect for anyone that has a best friend they may be just little bit too close to. The show proves that sometimes the strongest bond is the one between friends. Ilana (Ilana Glazer) and Abbi (Abbi Jacobson) are poor, sad, party girls that want nothing more than to hang out, eat and smoke pot together. Somehow, instead they find themselves cleaning strangers’ apartments in their underwear, falling into ditches on roller-skates and getting food poisoning in five star restaurants. At least they have each other.

Inside Amy Schumer

Seasons: 3

Available on Comedy Central and Hulu

Though the show has three seasons under its belt and doesn’t quite fit the category of “new,” the titular Amy Schumer only just recently became a breakout Hollywood comedian after starring in her first film “Trainwreck.” Schumer became an overnight sensation despite working as a comedian for over ten years, and because of that “Inside Amy Schumer” is more popular than ever. The sketch series often has celebrity cameos, such as Paul Giamatti and Tina Fey, and has been nominated for eight Emmys and won two, including Outstanding Variety Sketch Series in 2015. With limitless pop culture references and jabs at modern-day ideals, the show is bound to have something for everyone to love.

Master of None

Seasons: 1

Available on Netflix

After spending seven years on “Parks and Recreation,” touring the country with his comedy shows, and writing his first book, “Modern Romance,” Aziz Ansari has co-created, and now stars in, his own Netflix series. “Master of None” sheds light on his perspective on everything from family, race, friends and relationships. Though there are plenty of thoughtful insights throughout the show’s first season, Ansari’s humor naturally brings a lighthearted tone to some otherwise serious topics. He may be the master of none, but Ansari is certainly a jack-of-all-trades.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Seasons: 1

Available on Netflix

After a breakout first season, “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” was renewed for not one, but two more seasons. Creatively crafted by Tina Fey, the show stars Ellie Kemper as the perpetually perky Kimmy Schmidt, who after being kidnapped and living in an underground cult for 15 years, is determined to re-assimilate the only way she knows how: by moving to New York City and living with the flamboyantly gay, out-of-work actor, Titus (Tituss Burgess). Through every impossible caper Kimmy finds herself in, her attitude can only be described as hilariously unbreakable and, of course, utterly entertaining.