Spotlight on self-taught art

Bridget Kingston, Features Editor

The Cleve Carney Art Gallery opened its doors to spectators on Sept. 3 with the exhibit “Past Time: Self-Taught Art from the Collection of Jim and Beth Arient. This collection features art from four American artists, all considered self-taught artists. This is the first exhibit at College of DuPage to feature self-taught art.

The collection includes fired clay and slip pots by Georgia Blizzard, script painted on wood and canvas by Jesse Howard, enamel on wood poles by Tim Lewis, and glazed stoneware by Lanier Meaders. All of the artists, excluding Tim Lewis who is still alive, were born pre-World War II and lived and died in rural regions on the South.

Self-taught artists are unique in that they typically don’t identify themselves as artists professionally, and usually do not begin creating art until later in life. They are often deeply connected to their land, families, and life that they know. With those components as their main influences, they have little knowledge of the mainstream, current art of the outside world. All of these factors come together to form the organic, raw essence their pieces embody.

“Past Time” will be on display in the Cleve Carney Art Gallery until Oct. 10. The MAC Gala Reception will take place from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Sept. 12.