SLC Appoints New Officers


Vandy Manyeh, Reporter

The Student Leadership Council, or SLC, has appointed three coordinator officers for its Outreach, Operations and Service positions. Those appointed were: Daisy Martinez, Coordinator of Outreach, Will Schillinger, Coordinator of Operations and Carolyn Metcalfe, Coordinator of Service. They were appointed after votes by SLC members, eligible to vote, during a regular April 12 Business Meeting.

Martinez wants to get students involved by bringing about activities that will grab students’ attention. She is an active member of the SLC and the Casa de Amigos, a Spanish club where students learn and experience Hispanic Heritage through cultural excursions and conversation exchanges in Spanish and English. With a focus on leadership, Martinez participated in conferences with the Latino Ethnic Awareness Association (LEAA) for the United States Hispanic Leadership Institute.

“By the end of the next school year, I would like more students to know about SLC or join as well as have more activities for students to take advantage of or engage in,” said Martinez. “Besides activities, I would like students to know what is going on with the college whether it’s social, financial or more. For example, last semester we informed students about the Illinois budget and how the lack of budget would affect students that receive MAP grants.

As the coordinator of operations, Schillinger is a proponent of the idea that leadership is not about being an extraordinary or perfect person. “For a lot of people who are extraordinary, it seems like they have it all figured out, and are unshakably confident; those people can be intimidating,” said Schillinger. “Best leaders are people who are ordinary but strive to be extraordinary.”

Metcalfe believes in students’ involvement.“I would like to figure out a better way to get more students involved in the student government here on campus,” said Metcalfe. “Since we are the voice of the students, we need to continue getting more people involved in SLC so that we can represent the students better. To do this, SLC could put together a survey of some sort to figure out how students find out about activities (e.g. student email, posters, information screens on campus, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and what students are expecting to get from COD besides education. With this information we can determine if we need to modify the way we advertise various events on campus. We will also gain knowledge on how to better represent the student body if we know what their expectations are of COD.”

As the coordinator of service, she is responsible for the organization of service projects done through the SLC, and serves as the contact person for other groups on campus.