Rondeau announces departure from COD

Courier Staff

Greetings College of DuPage Community:
Our College President Dr. Ann E. Rondeau has accepted an official request from the Secretary of the Navy to serve as president of the Naval Postgraduate School—effective January 2019, ending her presidency at College of DuPage December 31, 2018.

Under the leadership of Dr. Rondeau, College of DuPage key stakeholders including members of the Board of Trustees, Cabinet, faculty, staff and students successfully achieved an array of vital accomplishments including the execution of a comprehensive process that led to the College’s removal from probation by the Higher Learning Commission; developing a new intergovernmental agreement with the Village of Glen Ellyn; launching the inaugural Innovation DuPage, a cooperative venture and nonprofit corporation that will promote regional business growth and job creation; and creating Project Hire-Ed, which focuses on classroom curriculum and on-the-job skills building to help both employers and students succeed. In addition, the College’s strong financial position led to Standard & Poor’s upgrading the College’s bond rating and Moody’s Investors Service shifting its outlook from stable to positive.

“I am deeply humbled that I assume this extraordinary honor and privilege of continued leadership service,” said Dr. Ann Rondeau. “I have so much respect, affection and affinity for our College of DuPage community and our District 502 residents.  We are a remarkable place and we have remarkable people working with dedication in the honorable and diligent mission of teaching and learning. Indeed, this is worthy work. It is its own calling. There is also the calling to which I now respond: helping to lead education transformation in the United States Navy and Marine Corps. I am very grateful to our Board of Trustees, Chairman Mazzochi and Vice Chairman Napolitano for their support in this unexpected change.”

Located in Monterey, California, Dr. Rondeau will become the 50th president in the history of the Naval Postgraduate School and replace outgoing President Vice Admiral (retired) Ronald Route.

“Dr. Rondeau has provided a tremendous amount of leadership during her tenure at College of DuPage,” said Deanne Mazzochi, Chairman of the College’s Board of Trustees. “Every day she honored the goodness of what we do for our students and the community at the College of DuPage. We have long known that other colleges and universities found her accomplishments here attractive. We are saddened that she will leave the College of DuPage at the end of the year, but understand that her duty to the Navy and country she loves so well must come first, and we support her in that mission. I am confident that with Dr. Rondeau in her new position, and given the fantastic work already begun, the College will be able to reach new heights and expand our partnerships towards an innovative future.”

Today, Dr. Rondeau is being formally introduced in California as the new president during a campus-wide meeting with faculty, staff and students. In the spirit of continued transparency, we are simultaneously sharing the news with the entire College Community as the official announcement is released by the Naval Postgraduate School.
The Board of Trustees is working on a strategic succession plan, and to ensure a seamless transition, an interim president will be discussed during next week’s regularly scheduled Board of Trustees meeting held October 18, 2018. The interim president will begin January 1, 2019.

Thank you for your continued support for the mission of College of DuPage and student success. We will continue to provide updates and Dr. Rondeau will address the College Community in the coming days upon her return.


Wendy E. Parks