Revisiting “Antisocialites” a year later

Reanna Comiso, Features Editor

Canadian indie pop band Alvvays released their highly-anticipated follow-up record one year ago on Sept. 8th, 2017. Since the release, it has been one of my favorite albums of the past year. It only seems fitting to release an official review a year later in its honor.

Alvvays made their debut back in 2014 with their self-titled album and immediately became a band I wanted to hear more from. After what felt like an eternity, fans eagerly waited for the band to release information on their new album. Their wishes came true when the band released “In Undertow,” the first single from their sophomore album “Antisocialites.”

“In Undertow” was not a disappointment.It encompassed all the things that made Alvvays such a hit amongst the indie music scene: personality, promising talent and poppy melodies. It is a strong opener to the album.

The second track on the album, “Dreams Tonite” is everything to expect from a dream-pop track. As always, lead vocalist Molly Rankin elicits a soft and pleasing atmosphere. While the song itself is simple, it is not lacking. In all, it is a nice and easy listen.

“Lollipop (Ode to Jim)” is a favorite off of the album. It is incredibly fun and an instant mood-boost. The energy of this nearly-perfect pop track is contagious.

One of the only low points of the album would have to be “Not My Baby”, the halfway point of the album. While Rankin still sings beautifully, it is a little boring compared to the other songs. This is also one of the lyrical weak points of the album. The words are shallow and uninteresting. I also could have done without the drum-machine keeping rhythm.

The most prominent aspect of this album is the replay value. It is unlike any other. With the album just crossing the 30-minute mark, it does not overextend its stay. Instead, it always leaves you coming back and wanting more. It’s a release that can be listened to many times before it loses the spark, which is hard to find.

“Antisocialites” is a step in the right direction for Alvvays. It is more fun and filled with more energy than their first effort. They missed the infamous “sophomore slump” of their career entirely and released an album better than their debut.

Overall, this is a solid release. Being out for just over a year, every time I listen to it, I find myself liking it more. It is everything that fans wanted from an Alvvays album. It is quick and precise indie pop with minimal weak points, nothing more and nothing less. “Antisocialites” is fresh, fun and definitely worth the praise and appreciation.