“Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” review



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Lucas Koprowski, Features Editor

This story was predictable even before its trailer aired. With a title like “Pride, Prejudice and Zombies,” I expected easy-to-follow archetypes that can be pulled from a multitude of the bottom 100 movies off of IMDb. I was hoping for more though. Even if it was just some sort of humor or spice added with the iconic zombie flavor, it would make the entire experience more enjoyable and easier to stomach.


To my surprise, although still predictable, the film owned a resemblance of fun and easy to follow banter that kept me amused for a majority of the film. Whether it be a letter from a lover or a verbal exchange between the over drawn figures, it was interesting to see how conversation progressed to the calculated endings of each scene.


The story is really simple to comprehend. It’s “Pride and Prejudice,” with zombies and superfluously sexy and strong women who will not choose a man over a sword.

The only person who was able to pull out any sort of respectable performance was Matt Smith, a former Doctor from the famous BBC show “Doctor Who.” His character was a flamboyant priest that was completely obtuse when trying fit in with the main character Elizabeth Bennet, played by Lily James. He was exceptionally awkward, which created multiple anticipated gawky encounters.


The rest of the cast just met my expectations of the predictable script. Elizabeth Bennet was a bipolar caricature of a woman. Mr. Bingley was a bubbly baby face that needed more grit for his character to make sense fighting zombies.

Mr. Darcy, played by Sam Riley, had noticeable problems with the performance. At first, I thought the rasp he added to his natural British accent made him almost not comprehendible.


Over time, he fixed it, which made it seem like the director was lazy and didn’t care to reshoot the introduction scene. On top of that, he was too awkward for the strong-armed zombie killing machine that he portrayed.


In all honesty, if you aren’t a snob like me, you’ll probably think this is an above average film. My arrogance can be in the way of fun sometimes, and this was no exception. Although the plot was overdone and flat out stupid, I caught myself falling into the swing of this film’s overture too many times to ignore. That’s not to say I would ever pay to see this again. This is more of a Netflix and chill title, so don’t go to the theater expecting anything more than easily ignorable background noise.