Our Diversity Commitment


Graphic by Zainab Imam

The Courier is committed to creating and promoting diversity, equity and inclusion in the newsroom and at the College of DuPage.

All students at the College of DuPage should have access to the benefits of working at the Courier and student newspaper. We recognize the inherent value of having a student newspaper with staff and content that reflects the rich diversity of our student population. This includes people who come from communities that have been historically marginalized: those with a physical or cognitive disability, women, racial and ethnic minorities, refugees and immigrants, the LGBTQ+ community, the full scope of faith beliefs, and people with all levels of economic status.

The Courier celebrates and encourages diversity, provides equity through fair treatment of all people, fosters an environment of inclusion, and welcomes input from a variety of people. 

As such, the student editor-in-chief is encouraged to instill these values into the newsroom culture. This includes, but is not limited to, making every attempt to hire a student staff that reflects the diversity of the student population at the College of DuPage. We also strive to incorporate diversity in the sources we interview and the opinions we solicit.

The student profiles created by the college’s research and analytics staff each semester can be used as a guideline for creating Courier staffing goals each year.