Oswego East High School Impacted By Student’s Death


Image Provided by Sylvia Balice

Jona Padua, Staff Writer

Missing student reports circulated this past week regarding Oswego East Football Player Mark Chapas. Within the student body, it began with social media reports from fellow peers about his disappearance, desiring to spread the word in an attempt to find him. First, his face was posted on Snapchat and Instagram stories, asking if anyone has seen him. Gradually, more students throughout the school reuploaded and screenshotted any posts they saw on him, hoping he’d be found. 

News soon surfaced from the Chapas family on Facebook, announcing his death on Friday, Oct. 22.

The news left everyone searching for any way they could help with the grieving family. Soon, fundraisers were emerging from other family members, as well as friends spreading the link amongst one another until the entire school had the opportunity to help the late senior’s family. The student body contributed to help pay for funeral costs for the unexpected passing, the Chapas’ family opening the invitation of Mark’s Visitation to any student. It was requested that Oswego East Spirit Wear be worn to the visitation Friday, Oct 29. Many students expressed their grievances for the senior under the “oeclassof22” Instagram page that also paid tribute to his death. 

The page posted a picture of him, captioned, “Not only was he one of our seniors, but he was a brother, a son, a teammate, a friend and a wolf.”
Contribution from the students was not only over social media but at the school as well. Once hearing about Chapas’ passing, it was judged that the cause was suicide. The following Monday after the announcement of his death, students all wore yellow to school to raise awareness for suicide prevention. They also wrote his football jersey number, #71, on their wrists, raising their fists up at 7:10 a.m. They chose 7:10 a.m. to pay tribute as his number was #71.
Chapas left a lasting impact on the school and the students. He greatly touched the hearts of many people whom he knew, as one of his peers on instagram, under the user “jonahwade_” wrote under the “oeclassof22” post of Chapas, “Mark was a person full of heart and compassion, (he) and would do anything for anybody. Let’s rejoice in the memories of Mark and live on his legacy.”

Another peer of his, “hannahchval,” also commented on the same post, “You meant so much to all of us Mark even if you didn’t know. Being your partner everyday last year made my year.”
His burial was scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 30, and the family continued to leave the invitation open to any of his fellow students to attend.