Opinion – Guest Column – Joe Prendergast – Vaccine Tyranny


Joe Prendergast, COD Student

Recently, Governor JB Pritzker has issued a decree requiring institutions of higher education in the state requiring that, very soon, students and employees to show proof of Covid vaccination, or be subjected to testing. President Joe Biden announced his intention to use bureaucratic, administrative means in an effort to force private business employing 100 or more people to require their workers to be vaccinated or face testing requirements (one can almost hear James Madison rolling over in his grave). These tyrannical measures are not only unethical and unreasonable, but also dangerous.

I know that this piece incite certain invectives that have become all too familiar. However, such epithets prove one of my reasons for dissenting against this madness. People who have decided against receiving the Covid vaccines are being and have been treated as evil, vile, second-class citizens

As much as the Unvaccinated (capitalized because of their status as a sort of reviled social class) may be portrayed as stupid conspiracy theorists, there are plenty of logical reasons for their concerns and hesitations. These reasons may be hard to find online, as Big Tech has done the work of censoring viewpoints and stories contradictory to the acceptable narrative, which is itself is a reason to be skeptical.

For all the talk of “following the science” from the governor, the president, and the public health establishment, they have strikingly ignored one key factor in all of this: natural immunity. It appears that natural immunity, gained from previous infection, is perhap stronger than that from the vaccines. (Editor’s Note: The CDC said in August that the most recent credible studies show COVID-19 vaccines provide stronger protection than previous infection.)

The arguments for forced vaccinations and compulsory mask wearing that invoke concern for the protection of those who have received the vaccine against those who have not seem to contradict the political class’s own narrative regarding the vaccines. If the vaccines are so effective and great, then why must one who has received them still worry?

I would support the notion that the vaccines do reduce the risk of severe illness and death from Covid, and may make it less likely that one contracts the virus. So if the vaccines protect those who have gotten them, and those who really want the jab could have gotten it, then why all the fearmongering? 

The argument that invokes diseases such as polio and smallpox, and how the triumph of those vaccines does not seem valid to me as polio and smallpox are, generally, significantly more threatening Covid.

 I am not saying that Covid poses no threat whatsoever especially for the elderly and those with comorbidities. Not so much, it seems, to relatively younger people in relatively good health (although I am not saying there is no chance). Why must we ignore these crucial facts and distinctions?

I am not telling anyone whether they should or should not get the vaccine. However, I am saying that it should not be the decision of unelected bureaucrats and tyrannical politicians.