One Man Show

In launching solo pop career, Nick Jonas transitions to adulthood

Kelly Wynne, Features Editor

I have to admit right off the bat; I was a giant Jonas Brothers fan. I was in middle school at the height of their career, so I basically worshiped them. Nick was always my favorite brother, maybe because of his awesome curly hair, but you can safely assume when I saw he was launching a solo career, my fossilized fan girl instincts kicked in. That’s right, Nick Jonas is back, but I don’t think anyone knows how to feel about it.

Jonas currently has three singles out, “Chains,” “Jealous” and “Numb,” all of which have a mature pop sound. There is no way to argue that Jonas’ voice has not grown. With a few years of Broadway under his belt, his voice sounds much more polished and mature than before.

“Chains,” the first single that Jonas dropped, opens with lyrics “With her wine stained lips, yeah she’s nothing but trouble/Cold to the touch by she’s warm as a devil/I gave all my heart but she wanted my soul she takes ‘til I break and I can’t give more.” All three singles seem to portray different sides of a not-so-healthy relationship. In “Numb,” Jonas drops the f-bomb in the fourth line of the song while explaining a girl who does nothing but mess with his head. The girl these songs represent sounds like a really manipulative lady but she did give inspiration to some pretty good songs.

It’s not unusual to come across Disney Channel stars or other childhood actors trying to break out of their concrete position as an idol for the young generation. We have all witnessed some not-so-graceful transitions like that of Miley Cyrus and Lindsay Lohan. At first, I thought something like this was holding me back from truly enjoying “Chains.” Then I realized that Jonas has never really been a role model. Although his music video for the song is sultry and definitely more adult than what we have seen from his past, Jonas, as well as his brothers, have been idolized as attractive men for the length of their careers. Jonas is now 22 and what he portrays is completely age appropriate. His transition to the adult world is completely justifiable.

Jonas’ songs really are good. They have a sound that many enjoy and are easily classified as radio material. Jonas has come miles since he last appeared as an artist, and if possible, has gotten even more good-looking. All of these things should equal a successful pop career, but I think it is going to be hard for people to wrap their heads around the fact that Jonas is an adult. If released by another artist, there would be no questioning whether or not they are enjoyable tunes. It may take a while for him to break the image of the youngest, scrawny brother of past superstar trio, but when he finally does, Jonas should be successful. He has a bigger amount of raw talent than most in the industry, so hopefully that will propel him to the top of the charts.