My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2: Put some Windex on it?


Courtesy of IMBD

Caroline Broderick, Features Editor

Windex fixes everything, right? 3 out of 5 stars

When the news that the classic 2002 underdog film, My Big Fat Greek Wedding (MBFGW), was creating a sequel, I think I shed a few tears. Anybody who has seen the film knows what to say when they pass a bunt cake, can tell you about Aunt Voula’s twin and knows the almighty power of Windex. I was ready to be embraced in deep nostalgia. The nostalgia part was achieved, but expecting to love the sequel as much as the original was where I went terribly wrong.


First thing I noticed was the quality of the movie. It was great; it was grand; its $18 million budget definitely showed. The original had a budget of less than half of that and grossed over $300 million, making it the highest grossing romantic comedy. Seeing how far the franchise has come gave a triumphant feeling to devoted fans.


The next thing I noticed was where the film started: right in Gus’ car like the original. Throughout the film, there was a strong connection to the original. This could be seen with the Windex cameos, some make out scenes in the car and, of course, the original cast. Without a doubt, the best part of the film was how every character, even down to the annoyed neighbor, was the original actor: some with more botox than others. It still made my heart smile.


After dying over how the world of MBFGW was preserved, the next shock was utter confusion. If somebody asked me what the plot of the movie was, I wouldn’t be able to give them a straight answer. There was definitely a big, fat Greek wedding, but it wasn’t the main plot. Or was it? Maybe it was the typical angsty teen daughter’s need to find a Greek boyfriend? Or the fact that Toula and Ian needed more romance in their life? I’m left with many questions.


The theme of a large, boisterous family is one that many can connect to. There were so many things happening in the movie and all of their situations were solved so quickly. This fact made an originally great theme unrealistic and unrelatable. There were so many times where I went, “huh?”


The plot was confusing and the writing was bland. Unlike the original, there weren’t any key points of the film that made the audience laugh. Honestly, many different scenes were cringeworthy, such as any scene between Toula and Ian. The chemistry of the original cast was so strong, but it seemed like none of them talked in that 14 year gap.


The chemistry was gone. Never before in a movie have I experienced an awkward silence, but more times than not, that’s what this movie provided. Part of it could have been that they obviously tried so hard to give each character of the huge cast several lines. Possibly to make them feel more a part of the film, but it wasn’t worth it.


Even though I criticized more than praised the film, it wouldn’t be one to miss if you love the original. As it should, it ended with the most important thing: family. The ending will still leave you feeling warm and embraced with that nostalgia. The greatest downfall of MBFGW 2 were my hopes it would be as good as the original. This edition proved that can never be accomplished.