Men’s soccer team suffers fourth loss of season

Ben Grote, Sports Editor

Playing at College of DuPage’s stadium, the men’s soccer team suffered a fourth setback this season losing against Carl Sandburg College in a 5-1 loss.

In the first half of the game, the Chaparrals were in control of the ball for a great deal of time. Despite the solid control of the ball, COD had a difficult time being able to score against the Carl Sandburg Chargers. For the most part, the Chargers’ defense was able to successfully move the ball before it got in shooting range of their goal. When the Chaparrals were able to make a goal attempt, the shots were rendered useless due to the goalkeeper’s efforts.

Despite not having the ball for extended periods of time, the Chargers were able to capitalize on the short spans of time when they had control of the ball. The Chargers ended the first quarter with a 2-0 lead against the Chaparrals.

In the second half, COD scored a goal against Carl Sandburg, which boosted the team’s morale. However, this didn’t last long for the Chaparrals. Carl Sandburg went on scoring another three goals before the game ended, resulting in the loss.

Soccer coach Jim Kelly reflected on the game’s results.

“We should’ve simply tried harder on both our offense and defense,” Kelly said. “We didn’t live up to our potential, and the team didn’t work hard enough. People need to understand that you can’t win without commitment, and only a few teammates understand truly what commitment is.”

Kelly hopes that in the future, his team will put more effort into both their practices and their games.