Mark Your Calendars for an Upcoming Artistic Event!

The upcoming Andy Warhol Exhibit comes to COD next summer after the success of the Frida Kahlo Event.


COD Newsroom

Photo of Andy Warhol Exhibit. Courtesy of COD Newsroom.

Johnny Chirayil, Social Media Editor

Editor’s Note: The story was updated to announce the specific dates for the Andy Warhol Exhibit.

After the success of the Frida Kahlo exhibit during the summer of 2021, Diana Martinez and the MAC team have a lot planned for their upcoming Andy Warhol project as they strive into a new era of providing unparalleled cultural opportunities for the greater community.

The exhibit was announced during a Facebook Live on March 19, 2021, hosted by the McAninch Art Center’s Facebook Page

Some may wonder why COD creates such an aesthetic event for both the students and people worldwide. COD Board of Trustees Chair, Maureen Dunne said that she approved of the event because of how art can communicate the world around us. 

“Art is education. It promotes creativity and helps us see more clearly. Art can be used as a tool for expression when words are totally inadequate,” Dunne said. “I was fascinated by Andy Warhol as a person, just as much as Andy Warhol is an artist. The guy managed to turn his experience of eating canned tomato soup every single day for 20 years into a world-famous symbol of human reflection.” 

Afterward, Dunne asks “isn’t life a series of images that change as they repeat themselves?” By asking this question, the MAC team knew that Warhol would be the perfect artist for COD’s next exhibit. Justin Witte, the curator of the Cleve Carney Museum of Art, was quick to agree. 

“There are a few artists whose works are as ubiquitously present in our culture, as of those of Andy Warhol,” says Witte. “His paintings, prints, and images reflect the objects, obsessions, and desires that permeate American culture.” 

As for Diana Martinez, herself, she found Warhol as an American entrepreneur to be the most inspirational. “He drove and worked so hard and came from such humble beginnings and he found ways to really commercialize art and take commercialized art and make it fine art,” says Martinez. “He broke barriers and I think he truly embodied the American dream and I find that truly inspiring.”

Warhol is known for being the most influential artist of the 20th century and many people today really admire his work and still question his iconic nature. Therefore, there’ll be plenty yet to come as Martinez and the MAC crew strive into making DuPage County the largest celebration of pop art in the summer of 2023. The event will be held from June 3-September 10. Tickets will go on sale on August 6, 2022.

Additionally, Martinez also wanted to bring more involvement to COD students by hosting a T-Shirt Design Contest. She figured it would get them more excited about the event. Therefore, we would like to congratulate the three lucky winners for winning the Andy Warhol T-Shirt Design Contest:

First Place: Joseph Hermann III

Second Place: Hannah Miller

Third Place: Lea Gajinov

As for the MAC’s current COVID-19 policy, masks are optional but recommended.

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