Marc Maron: A Show and Trip for the Ages


Carlos Peterson, Sports Editor

Some of the most telling and humorous things can be found when delving into the pit of self. Nobody does that better than Marc Maron, whose existential style of comedy will allow you to open yourself up to laugh at yourself, mercilessly. Scenarios of dealing with right wing ideology, nagging for sex, and coming to terms with mortality are some of the many great bits Maron performed this past Friday at The Orpheum Theatre in Madison, Wisconsin. Making the three the hour drive with my brother Chris, we ventured to see one of my heroes.


Maron encompasses his ability to reach audiences with his authenticity and neuroses to allow himself to feel comfort in the humor simultaneously laced with understanding. Marc hosts the critically acclaimed podcast, WTF with Marc Maron, where he interviews various celebrities to answer his main question, WTF? Interviewing people such as Bruce Springsteen, Bill Burr, and most notably, former President Barack Obama, Maron has built a following of cult proportions. Perhaps not all comedy is created equal, but the humor Maron created last Friday night was legendary.


Getting to the theater, we stood in line waiting for the beginning of the show, as it started at eight o’clock, and we arrived at seven. The atmosphere was charged with excitement and anxiety as many people were waiting in anticipation of many people’s favorite comedian. When the doors were finally opened for the fans, Chris and I went through security and unknowingly accepted a bag of coffee beans from a woman not realizing it was for the first 25 people. The bag was a special WTF blend that was described as a smoky, dark chocolate, originating in Honduras. This was a promotion started by Maron via his Twitter. This only added to the excitement as I couldn’t wait to brew this the following morning.


When Marc finally took the stage I was in awe. For the first time in my life, another human being did not seem real. I could not believe one of my heroes had taken the stage to perform, and I was there for it. Maron opened with just six words, “ What’s he going to do next?” I immediately burst into laughter as I seemed to be one of only a few people to understand who he was talking about. In order to elaborate on what he was talking about he said, “What’re we supposed to do now? Half the country voted for him.” The rest of the theater then understood and erupted in laughter.


Maron did an unbelievable job of relating to the pulse of those who are unsure of how to navigate the nuances of the ever-changing world that we’re all a part of. His ability to be able to laugh at his own life experiences is one of the trademarks of the 51-year-old comic. Maron’s bit on the pretentious nature of those with ideas that they believed were the next big thing is absolutely brilliant in its ability to breakdown the stupidity and narcissism of individuals.


Being able to experience Maron’s show in person, is an experience I won’t soon forget. Not to often are people able to see their heroes in person with varying tour days. Maron’s willingness to adapt and improve his routine is something I’ve marveled at. His bit on allowing himself to love another person is hilarious as he shows his willingness to laugh at his self proclaimed damaged goods. The man I’ve come to idolized is now someone I’m beginning to understand as he opens up. I’m thankful to have been apart of the evolution of his career and will continue to support its rise.