Making COD worthwhile

Caroline Broderick, Features Editor

For each fall semester, students apply to become a New Student Orientation (NSO) Leader. These leaders turn in resumes, answer questions and obtain multiple recommendations to be chosen to assist first year COD students into getting a hang of college. By being chosen, these leaders prove they have a stable understanding of their campus and what it has to offer. When so many students are unsure of all the opportunities COD holds, they come in to show them. We asked some NSO Leaders their number one piece of advice to any new student:

Jade Tolentino, Denisse Manzanilla, Darren Love, Gabbi Gruver and Safia Khan
Jade Tolentino, Denisse Manzanilla, Darren Love, Gabbi Gruver and Safia Khan

“Honestly, your experience as a student at COD depends on no one else but yourself. It’s truly what you make of it. Join clubs, go to events and take a part in something out of your comfort zone. I loved being a NSO leader, and I would say doing that was out of my comfort zone. Learning to take a leadership role was also something out of my comfort zone but being able to experience that has left me with no regrets!” –Safia Khan


“My biggest piece of advice for the new class would be to get involved! Getting involved is the best way to meet some of the best people here at COD. From music to clubs to sports, there’s something for everyone on campus. When you get involved, you enjoy and appreciate your time at COD so much more!” –Gabbi Gruver


“I would say my number one advice is to get involved and find the free food/merch, because where there’s free stuff, there are events. Clubs and organizations on campus are usually promoting their club in which you can get in touch. Being involved on campus is a sure way to create friendships and network with other people. Also, becoming friends with your professors is a great way to always have help on hand and for those recommendation letters when you transfer!” –Koshie Millsimage1 (6)