MAC Spring Preview (VIDEO)

Courier TV

Kelly Wynne, Features Editor

Look no further than the MAC for endless entertainment this season. Whether it’s a comedy show or a circus, the MAC brings the perfect variety, easily pleasing any type of audience. The Courier has put together a list of the upcoming highlights.

Feb. 14- The Second City Anniversary Show

This comedy show may be the perfect escape for you and your Valentine to enjoy a night out, filled with endless laughs. The group will be performing some of its most memorable skits, as well as adding new material. Take the opportunity to see some Chicago comedy a little bit closer to home.

Go see it if: You want to spend your Valentine’s Day laughing, instead of thinking about how single you are.

Feb. 18- Global Flicks: “Wasteland”

Take a look inside the life of an artist, scrounging through the world’s largest garbage dump to find inspiration. The film follows Vik Muniz as he strives to transform the world and individuals through his work. This Sundance Film Festival award-winner will be screened at both 1:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. Look for updates on other screenings in the Global Flicks series throughout the season.

Go see it if: You love to attend little indie theaters for documentary screenings.

March 13- Mike Birbiglia: Thank God For Jokes

Birbiglia is an author, comedian, and filmmaker, known for his comedic twist on real-life experiences. In his shows, Birbiglia takes the audience inside cringe-worthy embarrassing events, filled with one-liners sure to invoke endless laughter.

Go see it if: You are a fan of Comedy Central or comedy stemming from real events.

Apr. 10- Hotel California- A Salute to the Eagles

The cover group will take the MAC stage in order to bring classic rock fans back to the prime of the Eagles. The band has been performing the cover set for over two decades, and to this day, is the only band authorized by the Eagles to perform their classic songs.

Go see it if: You’re a fan of classic rock, and would appreciate some good renditions.

Apr. 14- Daniel Levitin- Your Brain On Music Lecture Series

Levitin is a bestselling author and psychology professor with a passion for music. In his lecture, Levitin will dig deep into memory, technology and music, leaving the audience with a better understanding about how all are connected.

Go see it if: You enjoy psychology research and music.

Apr. 25- Cirque Zuma Zuma

The worldwide cirque phenomena will take the MAC stage with a show sure to shock the audience. The show will include a mix of magic as well as typical cirque acts such as aerial and pole performances, Egyptian limbo dancers, and South African gumboot dancers.

Go see it if: You enjoy daring performances and would like to enjoy another culture’s routines.