“Love, Death and Robots” review


Kevin Ashley, Staff Writer

“Love, Death and Robots” is an online Netflix original series, but it’s not just a regular episodic online series. Judging by the title one would assume the series is mainly about robots, romance and death, which is only kinda right. The series has robots, romance and a lot of death, however not in the way you would think. 

The show is a collection of short films ranging from 5-to-20 minutes in length. Each episode has its own, contained universe with an individual style of storytelling, animation, or live-action. You can go from watching a film about robots exploring the ruined buildings of their creators to yogurt being the most intelligent being on the planet, to soviet soldiers fighting demons in Siberia. 

The series has 18 short films. With the uniqueness of each film, if you didn’t like how one story ended or the universe then watch the next episode and that outlook will change.

This show deserves a watch because ambitious series like this aren’t tried often, and it is an excellent break from the modern way TV series or online series are done. It also gives news artists and directors a brand new way of getting their work out and expressing themselves. 

The series is amazing and the format unique in its ability to change the story and style in each episode but still keep you entertained. If you are looking for a new series to binge that is just as ambitious as it is strange then “Love, Death and Robots” is the show for you.