Letter: H.O.M.E.


A friend and I were recently on campus passing out flyers on homosexual issues.  Our flyers mention things like the documented health risks related to homosexual activity and/or lifestyle (e.g., lesbians have a higher risk of breast cancer than straight women, male homosexuals have a higher risk of getting anal cancer, etc.), and that there are financial costs to those disorders.

    The flyers also mention that there are sound logical arguments against homosexual activity (that it is immoral, as Plato taught centuries ago), and that some homosexuals are a threat to free speech rights.  (Some homosexuals want to mis-classify letters such as this one as so-called “hate speech” and then want to unconstitutionally ban such messages under the guise of “hate speech.”  Ironically they want to do that while calling decent moral people who believe homosexual activity is wrong hateful names like bigot, homophobe, etc., etc.!)

    When I go on college campuses I try to ask as many students as possible whether they have ever heard a detailed philosophical argument against homosexual activity.  The vast majority say “No.”  Is it any wonder so many young people are pro-homosexual?  All they are basically hearing from the dominant liberal media, which are trying to impose their values on everyone, is one-sided, pro-homosexual propaganda.

    Wouldn’t a civil discussion of homosexual issues, with both sides present, be not only an interesting and thought-provoking experience, but also a highly educational one?  I’d be willing to take part, and I can do so civilly as I prove every time I go on a college campus.  If the students of COD would like to see such a discussion or debate, please contact the student government (or maybe the philosophy department, or sociology department, etc.) and ask them to sponsor such a forum.  Isn’t that what colleges are supposed to be all about?  Let’s make it happen.

    Sincerely, Wayne Lela of H.O.M.E.  Downers Grove IL