Killer Cuts: Hometown Glory

This week’s highlight is Beach Bunny, a local artist.


Antonio Llanos, Staff Editor

This week we bring into the spotlight, Beach Bunny’s Prom Queen EP.

We’ve all been at the bottom of life, reaching out and looking for some solace or release from our peers after a failed attempt at love.  Beach Bunny wrote an EP that is the living embodiment of love, rejection, summer aesthetic, pop flare, and enough rock to keep you listening. 

Prom Queen begins with the titular track in a cathartic exploration to get the attention of “the perfect guy” more relatable than forgetting your homework on the kitchen table and more accessible than innate breath.  Melodically, the track entices the listener with catchy hooks and pop-punk romanticism.

Lyrically, Beach Bunny recites the common vernacular, Take me to the hospital, I need Paracetamol, Tramadol, Ketamine, I just need some pain relief.” 

Beach Bunny  seeks solace lyrically, a relief for the pain of not being wanted.  We’ve all gone through the emotional blender of trying to get someone to like us and coming out the other end okay. To some degree, not gonna lie, I still think about some of my crushes from back then. One minute we are confident, approaching our person of interest and ready to ask the person out, the next minute, we are shattered, rejected, unwanted, and utterly alone.  Some people cry, pull their knees into their stomach and stare into the ground, feeling as low as possible.  While I personally moped around all day in my classes to the point where my teachers are concerned, Beach Bunny wrote one of the catchiest songs of 2018. 

Painkiller follows this up with a track looking to establish some sense of semblance after going through a major rejection.  Beach Bunny is hurt and the melody is her catharsis, exploring an ever-evolving approach to get over being hurt by someone you let into your life and allowed into the most intimate facts that make up who you are.  Beach Bunny fuses melody and melancholic tropical experimentation to deal with the pain.

This album receives a 5/5.