Kicking Back with Volleyball’s Mackenzie Moss


Carlos Peterson, Sports Editor

This week I was able to sit down and talk with Mackenzie Moss who is a young and integral part of the Volleyball team. We delve into everything from how her experience as a student athlete at COD has been to what her and her teammates do to have fun on the road.

Carlos Peterson: How’d you decide to come to COD for volleyball?

Mackenzie Moss: My friend Makenna was playing volleyball here at COD and I just wanted the opportunity to play with her one more time. The coach here was also a factor in my decision.

CP: Is there anything in particular about the coach that you like?

MM: He’s coaches me hard when I need to be coached and improve my game.

CP: What are some of the things you’ve been doing to improve your game?

MM: Mainly just trying to stay focused when I play and really lock in

CP: What’s the experience playing on the team been like?

MM: It’s been fun, really fun to be able to play at this level.

CP: What about the experience do you like?

MM: The travel has been a lot of fun as well as being able to have good teammates.

CP: What are some the things you girls do for fun?

MM: In between sets we like to dance to the music that comes on over the speakers and really have fun with it. Only when we’re winning though

CP: When you guys are traveling what some of the things you girls do?

MM: We love to watch the office on the bus

CP: Would you say that’s you favorite show?

MM: Not really. I usually fall asleep but I’ll watch it sometimes.

CP: What is your favorite show right now?

MM: I would have to say the Foster’s is my favorite show

CP: How are you juggling all of the responsibility as you transition to COD?

MM: I’ve still been adjusting because now I can get all of my homework done without the stress of volleyball.

CP: Was it really stressed for time?

MM: Yeah because we’d have to travel for games some weekends and we wouldn’t be getting back until Sunday and I’d have papers to write that were due for that week

CP: Is there any artists that you listen to when you’re trying to get it all done?

MM: I really like Florida-Georgia line right now. I know. I like country

CP: What was something you took away from this season that you really enjoyed?

MM: I wish I would have been a little more confident, let people into my life, be more friendly.

CP: Was there something as a team you wanted to improve on for next season?

MM: Passing and serving was something we definitely something we need to improve on for next season.