Opinion: It’s all Greek to…Avli on the Park Reviewed by a Native of Greece

A unique experience at Avli on the Park restaurant where Greek cuisine and fine dining are combined.


Image by Nikos Kapernaros

Eva Koureta, Staff Writer

Indoor dining is back on people’s options for a nice and relaxing time away from the hectic and busy schedules, and Avli on the Park is a must-go place in Chicago. Avli is one of the four restaurants in the area where Greek cuisine and delicacy takes place. Located on 180 N. Field Blvd this restaurant is a combination of Greek cuisine and fine dining. There are versions of the restaurant also in Lincoln Park, River North and Winnetka.

During summertime, Avli has a rooftop spot where people can enjoy the view of the skyscrapers and the nice weather alongside a Greek wine and dish. 

As “Avli” in Greek means “courtyard,” the rooftop option is an excellent way of having the feeling like you are at your own courtyard spending your free time with friends and family.

Chef Nikos Kapernaros has been on board since the opening of the restaurant in May 2021. With many nominations and awards completing his career, Kapernaros has created a unique menu for Avli that leaves customers pleased and introduces them to Mediterranean gastronomy. As a native Greek myself, Avli meets all the requirements and perspectives of traditional Greek cuisine. 

A few of his career highlights are being head chef for Princess Lalla Meryem HRH of Morocco during her stay at Grand Resort Lagonissi Greece as well as head chef for musicians including Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Scorpions, Foo Fighters, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jennifer Lopez and many more. Kapernaros has also won first place at the Good Taste Series Award Competition in 2018 representing the HYATT Regency Chicago.

“Working at Avli has allowed me to lead a well-organized team whose priority is customer’s pleasure and satisfaction,” said Kapernaros. “As an executive chef, I can bring my culinary experience of 19 years and combine Greek cuisine and fine dining exclusively.”

As for the menu, what makes it unique is that most ingredients used to create the dishes are hand-made at Avli. 

“We are trying to have everything prepared and made in our restaurant. From olive oil and olives to wine that comes from my family and friends in Greece, and the hand-made dough for pasta and pita bread that we make from scratch,” said Kapernaros.

Some of the most popular dishes at Avli are the Greek Horiatiki salad and unique spreads such as Yogurt and Cucumber Tzatziki, Spicy Feta Tirokafteri and Mini Pork Skewers-Pork Souvlaki.

People can also find Greek traditional alcoholic drinks such as Ouzo and Tsipouro on the menu. The restaurant is also known for its extraordinary pastry options which, like everything else at the restaurant, are hand-made.

Avli is a restaurant where people can organize private events, celebrate, and spend time with their loved ones. 

“We like making people happy; this is what we do. We make sure that customers are happy and enjoying their time here,” Kapernaros said. “As a chef, I always make sure to talk with the customers, answer their questions and make sure that they are pleased with the restaurant and the food.”

For more on Avli restaurants visit: avli.us