It Has Been Fun, COD!


Kevin Ashley, Staff Writer

Hello everyone! I am here to say this is the end of my days. For the Courier, that is. I plan to keep learning and expanding my writing ability as I continue my college career. However, this is my final article for the Courier as I am transferring colleges for the fall semester.

While I have been here, I’ve had a truly amazing experience. It’s funny because if the COVID-19 pandemic hadn’t happened, I never would’ve sought this job. All of the experiences I’ve gained, and all of the fun I’ve had writing articles, making the Silver Lining podcast, reading comments and exploring how far I can go, hinged on one of the worst things to happen to humanity in over 100 years.

That morbid note aside, working at the Courier has been one of the most eye-opening events of my life. From the research I’ve done on the variety of topics I’ve written about to the comments I’ve received on my articles, all of it has helped me form a greater understanding of people and the world we all share.

Speaking of sharing. A lot of you have expressed your views in the comment section of my articles. From the hate I have received on my more controversial stances to the praise I have gotten from raising awareness on an issue, I have truly appreciated every comment. Because for starters, you read the articles, which is all I ever wanted. 

Whether you hated an article or loved it, you decided to write a comment about it, proving that my writing provokes some thought or emotion. If I made you think, or I made you feel something, that is a win in my book, and I appreciated every last one of you and your feedback.

As I end this chapter of my life at COD I would not only like to say goodbye to my audience and co-workers at the Courier, I would also like to say goodbye to COD itself. Without this college I wouldn’t be where I am today. I wouldn’t have the focus I now have in my life, nor would I have the goals in mind that I want to achieve. 

The friends I have made here will last a lifetime, and I am grateful for all that has been provided for me at this amazing school.

To all of those still reading, thank you for finishing my last article and remember to always look for the Silver Lining.